Streamyx unifi upgrade

Telekom Malaysia’s (TM) new unifi plans, announced in July have been a focus of conversations since. The convergence champion raised the bar in terms of raw speeds (up to 800Mbps) and also introduced an all-new entry-level plan (now for everyone). Recently, it also made its 100Mbps unifi advance plan even more affordable. But what about Streamyx users, you ask?

From the get-go, TM never ignored its faithful Streamyx (TM calls them “pre-unifi”) users. The company announced upgrades for all Streamyx users, with those located in unifi coverage to gain the most.

For those within unifi coverage, they stand to get upgraded, for free, to up to 100Mbps.

Drilling down further, unifi speeds also depends on whether the location is a landed area or located within a high-rise building. For landed areas, supported speeds are up to 100Mbps.

Subscribers located in high-rise buildings will be upgraded to 30Mbps for free.

For Streamyx users caught outside unifi coverage areas, all is not lost. TM will upgrade their connections to 8Mbps for free. Due to limitations of the legacy copper network, this is the best broadband speed that can be delivered currently.

Alternatively, Streamyx users can also opt for unifi Wireless Broadband for hassle-free, installation-free broadband over LTE. TM’s LTE 4G coverage currently exceeds 77 percent of the household population in urban and rural areas. This is complemented with 90 percent 3G coverage.

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TM says its unifi network continues to grow, and it will inform customers when unifi is made available in current Streamyx areas.

The telco currently serves 2.3 million broadband customers, reaching over 8 million individuals and 10 million devices nationwide.

According to TM, over 340,000 customers reside within fibre broadband areas but are not yet part of the 1.26 million-strong unifi community. So far, the telco has upgraded nearly 50 percent of these customers for free.

Close to 180,000 Streamyx customers can look forward to the free upgrade. Upgrades are being rolled out in stages up till 2019.

Check your Streamyx upgrade status here. Eligible customers will also be contacted via email and phone.

If you’re currently a unifi subscriber, you would have received an email about your Turbo upgrade.


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