About Us

VERNONCHAN.COM started off in 2004 as a personal blog talking about design, technology and everything in between. In 2009 however, things changed. Founder Vernon Chan found viability in pursuing a tech-based site in Malaysia and decided to take VERNONCHAN.COM into more serious, focused territory.

Positioned as an online medium for technology, gadgets and lifestyle, VERNONCHAN.COM’s rise in popularity and brand name recognition has helped it transcend the stereotype ‘blog’ categorisation.

Perhaps categorisation is irrelevant, because at the very heart of VERNONCHAN.COM is the genuine love for technology, gaming, automotive and all things fun. 

VERNONCHAN.COM continues to improve and grow, without forgetting to infuse our distinct sense of wit and personality into our work.

We envision ourselves at the very top end of tech-based online media in the near future. The journey’s just begun. So come grow with us!

We liveblog, tweet, do pre-, during- and post-event coverage, video and publish on myriad social channels.

Vernon Chan | Founder / Chief Editor

Vernon Chan is a true blue tech-head, gadget freak, certified petrolhead, an extremely talented gas-guzzler, designer, guilt-ridden foodie, tech & automotive blogger/writer, and serial entrepreneur.

He splits his severely saturated time between running visual comm+branding companies, blogging/writing, networking, and playing tennis and futsal, and doing absolutely silly, geeky things.

He can be found blogging/writing at Vernonchan.comHe also contributes to other online and printed publications.

Nothing excites him more than racing at the Sepang circuit or go-karting; aside from reviewing the latest gadgets and tech wizardry.

He is known as a caffeine bacterium, apparently has more caffeine in his bloodstream than blood (which evidently powers his 20-hour days).

He’s a social whore. Connect!
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