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VERNONCHAN.COM has a global rank of #204,115 which puts itself among the Top 2,000 sites in Malaysia (Data: Alexa, Nov 2013). The site was launched on March 9, 2007 and is currently 6 years and 108 days old. It reaches roughly 45,000 unique users and delivers over 12o,000 pageviews each month (Data: Similarweb, April 2016).

Some statistics about VERNONCHAN.COM (as of Dec 2016):

  • Has over 10,400 indexed pages on Google
  • Has over 5,600 indexed pages Bing
  • 70% visitors are from Malaysia, 20% from US.
  • 50% of visitors access VERNONCHAN.COM via mobile/tablet devices
  • Has a MoZ rank of 4.9
  • Has a Klout Score of 62.
  • Facebook Fan Base: 14,000+
  • Twitter followers: 4,000+

The immediate goal for 2014 is for VERNONCHAN.COM to hit 15,000 fans on Facebook, and be in the Top 10 most popular tech websites and Top 500 overall most popular sites in Malaysia.

VERNONCHAN.COM is aggregated by Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop and renowned Mac news aggregator – MacSurfer Online News.

Featured in Alltop

We’re available for hire in various scopes and fields, outside our expertise in creative services (which we offer through the companies we run scratchdisk creative, Level5 Creative and scratchlabs). Areas we cover:

  1. Cars – Reviews, media drives, editorials and opinion pieces. I can also do special videos and podcasts.
  2. Motorsports – Event coverage, media drives, editorials and reviews, videos.
  3. Tech – Event coverage, product and services reviews, opinion pieces on technology, mobile, web, gadgets.
  4. Apple – Adept at all things Apple from hardware to software, inclusive of iPhone/iPad app reviews.
  5. Lifestyle – Opinion pieces, editorials, reviews, event coverage – food, happenings, etc.

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