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Last month, Telekom Malaysia (TM) revealed new unifi plans including an all-new entry-level unifi Basic Plan that broke new ground in terms of price point and affordability. It offers a 30Mbps connection at just MYR79 per month, making it the most affordable 30Mbps plan in the market. With one caveat: it’s not available to everyone. Well, until now.

First a bit of a backgrounder. The unifi Basic Plan is targeted at the B40 segment – for households with an income of MYR4,500 or less. It offers a 30Mbps fibre connection with a 60GB monthly quota. TM also gives subscribers access to 17 free-to-air channels on unifi TV via its playTV@unifi mobile app.

There’s also a bundled fixed line with the plan, with charges of MYR0.20 per minute for calls. Note that you do need to pick up a telephone set separately as this isn’t bundled with the plan.

You can read more about the unifi Basic plan here.

The little surprise

At the media briefing of its first half 2018 financial results today, TM announced that effective September 2018, the unifi Basic Plan will be open to everyone.

“Affordability and accessibility of quality high-speed broadband services is important to TM, and we are committed to lead the charge to unlock the potential of a digitally-savvy Malaysia. As such, we are happy to announce that we are extending the unifi basic plan to all,” said Datuk Bazlan Osman, Acting Group Chief Executive Officer.

The plan is based on a contract period of 24 months. The 60GB of monthly quota should be adequate for most. Unfortunately, there’s no way to add-on data if your quota is depleted, when which your broadband speeds will be throttled down to 128Kbps. TM recommends you to upgrade to unifi Lite (MYR129) or unifi Advance plan (MYR139) if your requirements exceed the allocated quota. Need even more? Get turbo-ed.

Maxis recently announced fresh new, more affordable fibre broadband plans in line with the nation’s internet aspirations.

TM currently has 2.3 million broadband customers, and the convergence champion said that convergence penetration is now at 47 percent compared to 37 percent in 2Q 2017.

For more information about unifi Basic, visit

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