Streamyx subscribers get special upgrade to unifi

Telekom Malaysia

Today was a huge day for unifi customers as Telekom Malaysia (TM) announced upgrades to unifi products across the board. The convergence champion made sure it covered all bases, and that includes what they call pre-unifi or formerly known as Streamyx customers.

There are currently over 340,000 Streamyx customers who are within unifi coverage, which means they have access to fibre broadband. TM will offer unifi plans to these customers, which are more value-for-money compared to current Streamyx offerings.

For the 350,000 Streamyx customers not within unifi coverage, all is not lost. TM will be upgrading existing copper wire speeds by 2X. Alternatively, these customers can opt for unifi wireless broadband which uses unifi mobile’s 4G LTE network.

The plan is priced at MYR79 per month and comes with 60GB of data quota.

Streamyx customers can check eligibility and pre-book at from 15 July 2018. Upgrades will happen from 15 August 2018 onnwards.

TM Streamyx upgrade

That still leaves almost half of 2.33 million TM customers still on Streamyx with no upgrade options nor unifi. These customers can also consider unifi wireless broadband, although this will again depends on coverage.

There are four Streamyx broadband deals available currently:

  • 8Mbps Streamyx with HyppTV – MYR160 per month
  • 4Mbps Streamyx with HyppTV – MYR140 per month
  • 2Mbps Streamyx – MYR130 per month
  • 1Mbps Streamyx – MYR110 per month

Compared to the most basic unifi lite plan which offers 10Mbps at MYR129 per month, Streamyx starts to look incredibly expensive.

TM said they will continue to invest in infrastructure upgrade and expanding its coverage.

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For current unifi subscribers, TM announced free speed bumps of up to 10x the current speed at no cost, a new entry-level unifi basic plan for just MYR79 per month, and the return of the unlimited unifi mobile postpaid plan.


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