2018 World Cup: Where to watch the 3rd placing play-off and final for free

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2018 World Cup RTM
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After the exhilarating group stage matches, we now move on to the Final 16 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. If you’re looking for the full schedule of matches and where to watch them, you’ve come to the right place.

As you know, there are several (legal) ways to catch all the World Cup action on your TV as well as mobile devices.

Here’s where you can watch them for free.

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Free options

Thanks to the support of the government and generous sponsors Maxis and AirAsia, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) purchased Free-to-Air (FTA) rights to broadcast a total of 41 out of possible 64 World Cup matches. Out of the total of 41 matches, 28 matches are aired live, while the balance will be delayed telecasts.

Matches can be viewed via the RTM Mobile app which is free to download and use, without any registration. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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Alternatively, you can stream matches from RTM’s MyKlik website. The advantage of the website is that it can be cast to a TV via Chromecast. If you have a Chromecast device at home, you’re in luck!

Astro, who own exclusive cable rights to the World Cup, also broadcasts some matches for free via Astro Arena. If you’re OK with commentary being in Bahasa Malaysia (like via RTM), then you can catch the action through this channel. A total of 29 matches will be aired live, with 12 being delayed telecasts.

It’s free for non-Astro users and all you need to do is download the Astro Go app. The app is free to download for iOS and Android.

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Paid options

Being the official broadcaster for the World Cup in Malaysia, Astro airs all 64 matches in HD. It offers a World Cup Channel Pass as well as separate passes for the knockout stages. The World Cup Knock-out Pass goes for MYR30 and will cover the remaining 16 matches you can watch live on your smartphone or tablet via Astro Go.

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If you’re a Maxis or Hotlink subscriber, you can opt to purchase Astro Go passes with free streaming data for just MYR1 per match. This is the cheapest paid option I’ve found so far. Even if you’re not currently a Maxis customer, you can go out and buy a MYR8.50 Hotlink Starter Pack to take advantage of the offer. The pass can be purchased via the MyMaxis app. Do note that you’ll need to buy the pass three hours before match kick-off.

Hang on, there’s one more option. If you’re a Boost app user, you can purchase an Astro Go Knockout Pass for MYR25, a 17 percent discount over the normal price of MYR30. The pass is valid until 15 July 2018, 11.59PM and can be purchased via the Boost app.

Here’s the full schedule of the remaining matches, sourced from Star2Star2 2 and Star2 3. Free Astro Arena broadcasts are denoted as AA.

Round of 16

June 30
France vs Argentina – 10pm – TV1 (delayed, 10.30pm), AA (delayed) & Astro
Uruguay vs Portugal – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA (delayed) & Astro

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July 1
Spain vs Russia – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro
Croatia vs Denmark – 2am – TV1, AA & Astro

July 2
Brazil vs Mexico – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro
Winner of Group G vs Runner-up of Group H – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA (delayed) & Astro

July 3
Sweden vs Switzerland – 10pm – AA (delayed), Astro
Winner of Group H vs Runner-up of Group G – 2am – TV1, AA & Astro

Quarter finals

July 6
Winner Match 49 vs Winner Match 50 – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro
Winner Match 53 vs Winner Match 54 – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA (delayed) & Astro

July 7
Winner Match 55 vs Winner Match 56 – 10pm – TV2, AA & Astro
Winner Match 51 vs Winner Match 52 – 2am – TV1, AA (delayed) & Astro

July 11
Winner Match 57 vs Winner Match 57 – 2am (Wednesday) – TV1/2*, AA & Astro

July 12
Winner Match 59 vs Winner Match 60 – 2am (Thursday) – TV1/2*, AA & Astro

July 14
3rd & 4th Placing – 10pm – TV1/2*, AA & Astro

July 15
Final – 11pm – TV1/2*, AA & Astro

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