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In another epic collaboration, Astro has partnered Twitter to provide “near-live” football match clips and tournament updates on @stadiumastro. As you know, Astro is the official broadcaster of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in Malaysia.

Through Stadium Astro, fans can look forward to goal alerts from match of the day, replay of the best goal of the day (from every angle) as well as roundup of the day’s action. There will also be a collection of video clip of the star player of a match.

The collaboration follows a string of other successful partnerships Astro has forged such as EPL, F1, MotoGP, PGA and the Asian Tour, Grand Slam Tennis, and AFC CL and Cup.

In an unprecedented move, Astro announced that it is making available all 64 LIVE World Cup matches accessible to everyone, including non-Astro customers. All viewers need to do is purchase a World Cup Channel Pass for MYR100 if you’re an Astro customer but on a Non-Sports Pack, or MYR120 if you’re not.

Non-Astro customers can watch ALL live matches on Astro GO. If you choose to, you don’t have to watch the entire lot of matches.

You can buy a Match Pass that lets you watch one LIVE match; Group Pass which gives you access to LIVE matches of one selected Group; or Knockout State Pass which lets you watch all matches in the Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semi-finals, 3rd Place Match and Finals.

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Passes can be purchased on

All 64 live matches will be aired on dedicated FIFA World Cup channels at:

  • HD – CH823 & CH824
  • SD – CH821 & 822

Astro Arena will also be showing 22 live matches and will be made free for everyone in Malaysia to watch on Astro GO, Astro and NJOI.

Through a special partnership with Maxis, Maxis subscribers can catch all LIVE matches for just MYR1 per match on Astro GO. Maxis will also throw in free data for streaming matches in HD on its 4G network.

Alternatively, fans can catch 41 matches on RTM for free.

Group Stages (in Malaysian time)

June 25

Poland vs Colombia – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro
Uruguay vs Russia – 10pm – Astro
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt – 10pm – TV1 (delayed, 10.30pm) & Astro
Spain vs Morocco – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro

June 26

Iran vs Portugal – 2am – Astro
Denmark vs France – 10pm – Astro
Australia vs Peru – 10pm – Astro

June 27

Nigeria vs Argentina – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Iceland vs Croatia – 2am – Astro
South Korea vs Germany – 10pm – TV1 & Astro
Mexico vs Sweden – 10pm – Astro

June 28

Serbia vs Brazil – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Switzerland vs Costa Rica – 2am – Astro
Japan vs Poland – 10pm – Astro
Senegal vs Colombia – 10pm – Astro

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June 29

England vs Belgium – 2am – TV1 & Astro
Panama vs Tunisia – 2am – Astro

Round of 16

June 30

France vs Argentina – 10pm – TV1 (delayed, 10.30pm) & Astro
Uruguay vs Portugal – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro

July 1

Spain vs Russia – 10pm – TV1 & Astro
Croatia vs Denmark – 2am – TV1 & Astro

July 2

Brazil vs Mexico – 10pm – TV1 & Astro
Winner of Group G vs Runner-up of Group H – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro

July 3

Sweden vs Switzerland – 10pm – Astro
Winner of Group H vs Runner-up of Group G – 2am – TV1 & Astro

Quarter finals

July 6

Winner Match 49 vs Winner Match 50 – 10pm – TV1 & Astro
Winner Match 53 vs Winner Match 54 – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) & Astro

July 7

Winner Match 55 vs Winner Match 56 – 10pm – TV2 & Astro
Winner Match 51 vs Winner Match 52 – 2am – TV1 & Astro

Schedule source: | Star2 2

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