Don’t panic, unifi 100Mbps plan is still MYR129 after 24 months

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It was discovered yesterday that Telekom Malaysia (TM)’s unifi Lite Plan with 100Mbps at MYR129 per month would cost MYR159 per month after a 24-month period. This drew flak from the public and disgruntled unifi subscribers.

According to the official FAQ, subscribers currently on the unifi Lite Plan (MYR129 per month) will have to cough up MYR159 per month after the 24th month in their subscription. This seemingly “limited time” deal irked netizens as they took their frustrations on social media.

unifi Lite Plan
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Credit: SoyaCincau

For those on the unifi Basic plan (MYR30Mbps @ MYR79 per month) continue to enjoy the low monthly fee after the 24th month.

But hold your horses.

It seems that TM may have made the error for not updating their FAQ post-turbo upgrades and all the hoopla was a miscommunication on their part.

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TM crafted an official response to reassure customers that monthly charges remain the same post-24 months:

The convergence champion has since updated the FAQ, which removes the section pertaining to post-24 month contract pricing.

unifi Lite Plan
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Credit: SoyaCincau

The unifi Lite Plan offers 100Mbps downloads and 50Mbps upload speeds with unlimited quota. It also comes with 600 minutes of calls to all mobile and fixed line numbers. The plan does not come bundled with a unifi TV set top box, however users get a unifi TV pack for free that can be enjoyed via mobile devices.

Head over to unifi for more details.

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