TIME salutes Telekom Malaysia for bringing Malaysia’s broadband up to speed

TIME hints "something is coming soon."
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Telekom Malaysia (TM) revealed new ground-breaking new unifi plans on Thursday, 12 July, including a new entry-level 30Mbps plan for under MYR100, massive free upgrades for existing users, and also addressing pre-unifi or Streamyx users, amongst other things. While the internet is divided at TM’s product announcements, rival broadband provider TIME considers the move a great step for TM Malaysia.

In a Facebook post, TIME congratulated TM for taking a bold step in bringing Malaysia up to speed. The broadband provider hinted that “something is coming up very soon.” Will we see TIME pushing things up to 1Gbps?

Great news for Broadband!Congrats to TM for taking a bold step in bringing Malaysia up to speed. #tabikspring#respectBall's in our court. Stay tuned everyone.CC: TM Group, unifi

Posted by TIME Internet on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Admittedly, TM’s new speed upgrades are a shake-up to the industry, catapulting mainstream speeds to up to 800Mbps. As you know, for the longest time, TIME has held the crown for raw speeds, offering consumers and businesses up to 500Mbps at accessible prices.

TIME currently offers several plans:

  • 100Mbps – MYR149 per month
  • 300Mbps – MYR189 per month
  • 500Mbps – MYR299 per month
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It’s worth to note that TIME offers symmetrical download and upload speeds, something TM doesn’t.

TM’s new speed upgrades will not only boost speed up substantially, but will also undercut TIME’s current offerings. Here are the new upgrade unifi turbo plans:

  • 100Mbps – MYR129 per month (currently 10Mbps)
  • 300Mbps – MYR179 per month (currently 30Mbps)
  • 500Mbps – MYR249 per month (currently 50Mbps)
  • 800Mbps – MYR329 per month (currently 100Mbps)

The speed upgrades will happen starting 15 August 2018. For existing users, the speed bump will come at no extra cost, while new subscribers (before 31 December 2018) will enjoy new upgraded speeds in 2019. The upgrade will affect over 800,000 unifi Home customers.

With TM shaking things up, will other broadband providers like TIME and Maxis step up to the challenge? Let’s hope so.

Speed aside, what’s critical is accessibility and coverage. Sure, everyone wants the fastest speeds possible. Ultimately, Malaysia needs better availability of broadband and broadband at affordable pricing if internet is to be ubiquitous. Until then, speed will only benefit pockets of Malaysians.

The balls in your court, providers.

Source: TIME Facebook via SoyaCincau

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