Nokia 8110 4G: You can now buy the Matrix phone in Malaysia

Nokia 8110 4G
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Playing its retro trump card yet again, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announced the Nokia 8110 Reloaded at the MWC 2018 early this year. The great news is, fans of the “banana phone” can now buy it officially in Malaysia.

The other great news is that the device supports 4G, unlike the crippling Nokia 3310 which was originally introduced with mere 2G support.

The 8110 4G sports a 2.45-inch QVG display housed in a polycarbonate shell. The looks are pretty familiar, if you’re from the era, although build quality is nothing like the original.

Under the hood, it runs a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor coupled with 512GB of RAM. It also gets 4GB of internal storage with support for microSD storage expansion (up to 64GB).

It may be a throwback device, but fans should be pretty chuffed with the inclusion of a rear camera that shoots 2MP photos. Sadly, no selfie camera.

The dual-SIM device comes with a removable 1,500mAh battery that charges via micro-USB. It doesn’t sound like a big battery by today’s standards but don’t forget this is a feature phone. And Nokia claims a full charge will last you 25 days on standby mode, or about nine day of talktime. Amazed? You should be.

Connectivity-wise, the 8110 supports 3G and 4G with built-in GPS, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. It even supports VoLTE for HD voice calls, a nice inclusion.

The phone runs KaiOS, which is backed by Google. So it isn’t surprising that the phone comes with Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Snake. It is said that WhatsApp will be coming to the platform soon.

The Nokia 8110 comes in Banana Yellow and Black.

Pricing and availability

Nokia is pricing it aggressively in Malaysia – just MYR285. If you’re interested, pick a unit up from Shopee, 11street or any authorised Nokia reseller.

After my experience with the Nokia 1, it would be interesting how I’d fare using the 8110 as a daily driver. Should I?

Header image: Nokia Revolution

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