Unifi urges 130,000 Streamyx customers to grab free upgrade

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Unifi, the convergence brand under Telekom Malaysia Berhad (“TM”) has kicked off its #khabarbaik movement, a refreshed attitude with commitment to raise the bar to meet customers’ needs. The new attitude will set precedence to how unifi operates through 2019, on the back of a challenging 2018.

Unveiled by Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, Acting Executive Vice President, unifi, the #khabarbaik movement has been in place internally since the start of 2019. Unifi hopes that the movement will spark a shift in attitude and approach that seeks to bring positive changes to consumers and Malaysia at large.

Late last year, unifi unveiled a brand new unifi Mobile postpaid lineup, effectively backtracking from its previous “one size fits all” single plan strategy (spilled over from webe).

Unifi now has a total of five different mobile plans, starting from the unifi Mobile 19 plan that costs MYR19 per month. The company said its newest plans were designed with every Malaysian in mind, offered at the right price points.

Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

  • unifi Mobile 19 – 2GB (1GB LTE + 1GB 3GB), 5min calls + 25 SMS at MYR19
  • unifi Mobile 29 – 3GB (2GB LTE + 1GB 3G), 50min calls + 25 SMS – MYR29
  • unifi Mobile 39 – 5GB (4GB LTE + 1GB 3G), 50min calls + 25 SMS – MYR39
  • unifi Mobile 59 – 10GB (9GB LTE + 1GB 3G), 100min calls + 25 SMS – MYR59
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These complement the existing top-of-the-line, unlimited everything unifi Mobile 99 plan.

The broadband story

Without a doubt, 2018 was a challenging year for TM. Its share prices have tumbled drastically year-on-year, dropping as much as 43 percent. Net profit saw an over 30 percent drop. It lost its Group CEO.

Good did come out of its though. Answering the Government’s call to democratise broadband in the nation, TM swept in with all-new “turbocharged” unifi plans and speed upgrades for existing Streamyx (pre-unifi) customers.

Existing unifi customers enjoy a tenfold increase in speed: from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, from 30Mbps to 300Mbps, from 50Mbps to 500Mbps, and from 100Mbps to 800Mbps – and at the same current rates.

TM also introduced an all-new entry-level unifi Basic Plan that offered a 30Mbps connection for just MYR79 per month.

The new plans sent a ripple through the industry and forced competitors like Maxis and TIME to respond.

Unifi turbo and Streamyx updates

At its #khabarbaik event, TM gave an update on its turbo upgrade exercise. In total, about one million customers are eligible for the turbo upgrade. To date, the company has upgraded over 910,000 unifi customers and more than 66 percent of over 340,000 Streamyx customers residing in unifi coverage areas to unifi, with no change to the cost of their current plan.

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TM urges the rest of the qualified 130,000 Streamyx customers to take up the free upgrades. The company aims to complete the speed upgrading exercise by March  2019.

It acknowledged that some upgraded customers are facing speed hiccups in which it is attending to.

Mohar shared that January 2019 was a great month for unifi, recording a 37 percent increase in sales compared to avera “In the coming year, we promise to deliver more #khabarbaik in the form of greater connectivity, seamless customer experience, and an all-round digital lifestyle to all parts of Malaysia,” he concluded.

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