You can now use Setel app at all PETRONAS stations in Klang Valley

Earn up to MYR7 per referral with Setel’s Refer A Friend programme
Setel app
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Setel, Malaysia’s first mobile app for fuel payment, is now available at all 273 PETRONAS stations in the Klang Valley. To encourage further adoption of using the app, Setel has rolled out its latest in-app feature: Refer A Friend.

Each time a user’s unique referral code is used to register a new user, and the user spends a minimum of MYR30 worth of fuel on Setel at any Setel-enabled PETRONAS station, the referrer will earn cash credited into the Setel e-wallet. The referrer will earn MYR5 and MYR6 for the first and second referral, and MYR7 for the third referral onwards. The referred user will also get MYR5.

“The introduction of the Refer A Friend feature is our way of giving back to our current users while encouraging more people to experience the convenience that Setel brings to refuelling. More than just an e-wallet for PETRONAS stations, the Setel app is changing what has always been accepted as the standard process when refuelling at petrol stations. With Setel customers can enjoy a convenient retail experience, faster refuelling experience, and richer loyalty proposition.”

Iskandar Ezzahuddin, Chief Executive Officer, Setel

Setel is part of PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) initiatives to engage the start-up communities in co-creating innovative solutions to enhance customer experience.

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First introduced in July 2018, Setel was developed to eradicate various customer pain points when refuelling—by integrating payment and loyalty benefits into one app.

Setel app
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The ability to pay for fuel through your mobile phone eliminates inconveniences like long queues.

For parents with children, they no longer need to leave children unattended in the car while making payments at the counter.

One of the major pain points faced by many (yours truly included) is the MYR200 hold incurred when using credit and debit cards. Since payment is deducted from the Setel e-wallet, no such charge is required.

The great thing about the Setel app is that all transactions are tracked and e-receipts are sent via email. Especially handy if you need to claim for mileage.

Setel app
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Setel is also integrated with the PETRONAS Mesra loyalty programme, allowing you to earn Mesra points without needing to physically swipe your card. Simply link your physical Mesra card to the Setel app.

The app itself is slick and intuitive, and it takes only a couple of clicks from finding the nearest PETRONAS station, to selecting the pump and making payment.

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Furthermore, the app allows you to easily search for PETRONAS stations and filter your search based on available facilities—from restaurant and F&B options, fuel type (EURO 5 diesel, NGV, ChargEV, etc), ATM and so forth.

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Setel is integrated with Waze navigation, or you can opt to use Google Maps or Apple Maps, as well.

In case you were wondering, all payment made through Setel is secure—it uses 6-digit PIN, fingerprint or face authentication.

Download and use Setel today

The game-changing Setel app can now be used at more than 700 PETRONAS stations nationwide. Download the app for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Use code beu44 when you register to get MYR5 when you complete a petrol purchase of MYR30!

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