Here’s another chance to be a Touch ‘n’ Go RFID pilot user

Touch ‘n Go reopens registration for pilot programme

If you’ve missed Touch ‘n Go’s maiden RFID pilot programme, here’s another chance to get on the bandwagon. Touch ‘n Go has announced that it is re-opening registration for Malaysians to become RFID test pilots.

This follows the successful first phase of the RFID pilot test run which kicked off in September. The first phase saw 100,000 vehicle owners registering for the pilot.

RFID testing is open to people with privately registered cars including motorcars, vans, keeps and pickups (Class 1 vehicles). You’ll need to be the principal owner of the car, or if you’re not, supply an authorisation letter and necessary documents prior to installation.

RFID is currently available at 16 tolled highways in the Klang Valley.

The goal for the second pilot RFID registration is to increase the number of RFID uptakes into the system and it will help finetune user and customer experience from the time of pre-registration until tag activation.

It will help TnG improve RFID system efficiency based on feedback gathered from pilot testers as it gears for commercialisation.

TnG is set to officially roll out RFID in January 2019.

The RFID system is superior to the long-standing card and SmartTAG system currently employed on tolled highways. The system is similar to Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system, although the RFID chip used by TnG is a passive chip hence more affordable.

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RFID works similarly to barcode scanning where the RFID tag/sticker installed on the vehicle is read by an overhead scanner via radio frequency.

The sticker is linked to your Touch ‘n Go e-wallet and mobile app. The app enables users to easily monitor and manage their e-wallet balance, top-up credit via debit/credit cards or online banking.

TnG RFIDCurrently, RFID stickers need to be installed by certified Touch ‘n Go installers at various locations. Installation is either on your headlamp or at the top of your vehicle’s windscreen and takes just 10 minutes including testing.

In the future, TnG plans to increase more install touchpoints including at petrol stations, workshops, and others.

SmartTAG and Touch ‘n Go cards can still be used for the foreseeable future, although TnG has stopped the sale of the SmartTAG effective 8 August.

Pre-register for the RFID pilot now.


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