Malaysians may get free Touch ‘n Go RFID tags next year

Touch 'n Go RFID tag
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If all goes well, Malaysians may receive free radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for their vehicles next year. According to The Edge Markets, the Malaysian Government is currently discussing with Touch ‘n Go the distribute these tags to locally-registered cars early next year. The RFID system, which has been in operation at selected toll plazas, is targeted to be implemented at all toll roads nationwide next year.

The RFID system is similar to Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system. The new system will in time take over the existing Touch ‘n Go and Smart Tag systems used today.

RFID works in a similar way to barcode scanning where the passive tag (it does not require a battery) is read by an overhead scanner via electromagnetic waves.

The RFID tag is linked to the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet. Yes, the same e-wallet and app that received massive backlash for its shortcomings.

Nonetheless, the RFID system is a superior system to the long-standing card and Smart Tag system.

With the new system, stop time at toll booths and perhaps even toll booths themselves can be completely eliminated.

I’m personally looking forward to not being stuck at the toll booth when my or someone else’s Smart Tag fails to work. I’m sure motorists aren’t fond of queues at toll booths, too.

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Source: The Edge Markets, NST via PaulTan



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