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Top 10 best cases for the iPhone X


If you’ve purchased a brand spanking new iPhone X, you’ll probably want to get a protective case for your new baby. Sure, Apple has made the claim that it’s using the most durable glass ever. But you know, sh*t happens. We’ve compiled a list of the best cases (some pretty hardcore) for your new iDevice.

Nomad Clear Case (MYR170)

The brand in question specialises in protective cases which uses premium materials like leather. In my personal opinion, this particular case does the iPhone X justice. It gives a more stylish look and feel with the addition of the lower part covered in rustic brown leather. For the safety bit, the back of the case is made of polycarbonate which blends in to the TPU protective sides. The company has put the case to the test and says that the Clear Case is good for drops up to 2m high.

Otterbox Strada Series Folio Case (MYR212)

Of course, what list would be complete without the Otterbox brand? The brand really doesn’t need any introduction, except for the fact that it is one of the best brands for your smartphone protection. This particular case is suited for flip-case lovers. The Strada Folio flip-case uses a premium leather for the back which extends to the front of the case. Underneath the premium material is a polycarbonate shell, ensuring maximum safety whilst giving the iPhone X a more executive look.

Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case with Multi-Tool (MYR119)

The Olixar Survival Case stands out of the crowd as it comes with a multi-tool together with the case itself. I know right. The tool has 26 different functions such as a knife blade, set of hex wrenches, a screwdriver, and more. As for the case, the design is more towards the discrete side with rubberised bumper pads as well as a textured metal-effect that surrounds the back of the casing. The bottom part can extend to act as a kick-stand for movie viewing. Multi-purpose? Hell yes.

Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case (MYR170)

Ghostek is well known for their rugged designed protective cases. The Nautical Waterproof case is no exception. It comes with a dual layer of shock absorbing TPU while a tough polycarbonate material forms the base of the case as well as a rubberised corners is added to protect the sides. The case also features raised front edges to further protect the bezel-less display. The iPhone X is already water-resistant and has the IP67 rating. But with the Ghostek Nautical Waterproof case, users can take their iPhone X up to 20m deeper into the water with a time-frame of up to an hour.

Spigen Hybrid Armor Tough Case (MYR127.20)

Spigen‘s cases are also one of the best in the business. Their latest Hybrid Armor case is equipped with a layer of shock-absorbent TPU on the inner side, while the outer layer consists of a polycarbonate material which further protects the phone from other forms of damage. Spigen’s Air Cushion technology helps to protect the vulnerable corners of the iPhone X and also has raised edges to protect the screen and camera bump. The best part about the case is the fact that it doesn’t add any bulk to the phone.

LifeProof DropProof NEXT (MYR212)

Another exceptional brand, LifeProof is also on this list with their six-layer protection strategy. The NEXT case for the iPhone X comes with an inner mold which can protect the device from any particle of dirt which could potentially damage the device. The outer shell gives drop protection of up to 2m, while an invisible layer on the outer shell can prevent scrapes and scratches on the clear part of the back case.

Moment Photo Case (MYR127)

The Moment Photo Case is targeted towards the buyers who prioritise perfect photography as well as want a protective case for their new iPhone X. It comes with a thin and durable body which can help protect the phone against drops and bumps, whereas the rear panel is covered with a textured material to aid the users grip when taking pictures. It also comes with a microsuede layer inside the case helps to cushion the phone. Located at the bottom of the case is a cut-out for wrist-strap attachment.

Karapax Shield+ Case (MYR51)

If you’re on a budget but need a reliable case for your new iPhone X, then Karapax may be a viable option. The Shield+ is a one-piece case that utilises a polycarbonate and TPU combo to safeguard the iPhone X from bumps and tumbles. The design is perfect if you want your casing to have a rugged design at an affordable price point.

Peel Case (MYR106)

The Peel case is perhaps the most minimalist, subtle and clean looking case. The actual case itself is only 0.35mm thick and it has a semi-transparent matte finish on the back. The case comes in seven colours to choose from. In terms of protection, the Peel case comes with a thin layer of protection which can prevent bumps and scratches.

Speck Presidio Ultra Case (MYR212)

Speck cases are also one of the best in the business. The Speck Presidio Ultra offers four layers of protection and can be dropped as high as 15 feet. It also offers dirt and dust resistance.

In summary

I hope this list gives you some ideas on what to protect your iPhone X with. There’s an eclectic blend of popular mainstreamers and several surprises, but there’s always something for everyone.

Whatever the case, don’t let your iPhone X go naked.

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