Lifeproof Slam for iPhone 8 Plus review: For life’s surprises

Call me paranoid, but I never use my phones without a case. Because you know, life is full of unexpected surprises. Sure, a naked phone accentuates the design and nuances as the makers intended, but better safe than sorry. The new generation of iPhones, for instance, are beautiful devices—all-glass, dust-and-water resistant, silky smooth. Until one day, life deals you a split second slip of hand. And then boom. Shattered glass. Continue Reading

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[Review] Lifeproof NÜÜD for iPhone 6s: Peace of mind at a cost

Imagine a smartphone that withstands drops, is impervious to water and dust, scoffs at shocks and is even “kid-proof.” OK, continue imagining. Not going to happen. Aside from purpose-built tough cookies like Caterpillar’s CAT60, smartphones aren’t the hardiest of devices. This is where a rugged protective case like the LifeProof NÜÜD for iPhone 6s comes in.

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