2019 Mercedes G-Class leaked: Too modern, too soft?


The interior of the upcoming 2019 Mercedes G-Class has been leaked, and we’re not too sure how to respond to it. Read on to see what it’s like.

AutoWeek has uploaded images of the upcoming Gelandewagen. But it doesn’t look all that muscular nor does it look rugged. In fact, it has many styling cues from other models in the Mercedes lineup. Look closely and you’ll find the large central screen from the E-Class and the larger S-Class.

But instead of having twin displays, the G-Class in this picture is fitted with analogue instrument cluster with a digital display available as an option. But the most rugged omission is the handbrake. The new car will be utilizing an electronic parking brake instead.

Elsewhere, the air-con vents are reminiscent of that in the E-Class and S-Class Coupe models with the turbine design as well as the typical Mercedes switchgear and the steering wheel, which comes from the facelifted S-Class.

Looking towards the centre stack, the three switches for the differential locks as well as the handle bar for the passenger side remains. Below the air-con vents, one will be able to know that the climate control system is adopted from other Mercedes Benz models.

As the G-Class remains as the icon of the three-pointed star brand, it will definitely be difficult to retain its image without changing its look too drastically. Also, the new car will gain major changes under the skin. Mercedes Benz has given the new Gelandewagen a new wider chassis and a new independent suspension for better driving feel and adaptive dampers are thrown in as well.

There isn’t any confirmed date as to when the new G-Class will be launched. But there are rumors of it being unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show this coming January.


By Jordan Marc

Three things I require in this modern era. A flamboyant ride to stand out of the crowd, an absolute power plant in my hands and lots of Brazilian coffee. Also, Netflix and chill is my motto.