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2018 Merdeka Ads
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This year’s Hari Kebangsaan or National Day and the upcoming Malaysia Day have new meaning for all of us. What transpired on 9 May and beyond is the stuff of dreams. We saw the coming together of Malaysians near and far to make a change, and be the change for the betterment of our beloved nation. There’s a renewed zest and spring in our steps as we look out to brighter days ahead. It’s a time to be blessed and to be proud Malaysians again.

And it’s also time to smile and laugh. And cry. Because it’s “Merdeka season.” That means tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, funny ads and videos from our favourite brands.

Last year’s crop of ads was fantastic. But, here’s the crème de la crème for 2018. Note that they’re not in any particular order. Enjoy!

#TMSejahteraMalaysia by TM

Tanah Indah – Hari Kebangsaan Digi 2018 by Digi Telecommunications

#CeritaKita by Petronas

Together-gether Walau Berbeza by RHB

“Rumah Merdeka” (2018) – IJM Land

Merdeka Theme 2018 (Malaysia Boleh!) by Namewee ft. Ning Baizura & Sasi the Don

Endangered Malaysians – Filem Merdeka Maxis 2018 by Maxis

Mat Salleh Celup by Lion Group Property

Little Giant Stories by Giant Malaysia

#GrabMY – Who does the New Malaysia belong to? By Grab

If I were to select my favourites, it would be TM and Digi. What are your favourites?

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Selamat Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia!

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