ASUS’ “38 Days of Storm” showers 38 days of daily prizes, starting Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been baffled by the sight of some local celebrities in ponchos and umbrellas, bearing the hashtag #TakHabisHabis on social media, here’s the answer to your curiosity. Starting 14 February 2017 (yes, Valentine’s Day), ASUS will start showering fans with 38 days of daily prize giveaways, including 38 units of ZenFOne 3 Max 5.5 smartphones as part of its “38 Days of Storm” social campaign.

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ZenFone 3 Deluxe: ASUS’ best storms into Malaysian premium smartphone market

Make no mistake. ASUS wants a piece of the lucrative premium smartphone segment, currently dominated by Apple, Samsung and Huawei. With that ambition in mind, it took a brave step to not only create its most impeccably built device yet, but also one of the most powerful smartphones in the world. The ZenFone 3 Deluxe is beautiful, powerful, and comes with a stiff price tag that may be off-putting for ZenFone fans. Like it or not, it’s finally available on Malaysian shores, after its debut earlier in August. Continue Reading

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