Synology introduces new two and four-bay Plus Series NAS

With up to two m.2 NVMe slots for accelerated I/O performance
Synology DS920+
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Synology has launched its new generation two- and four-bay Plus Series NAS (network-attached storage) family including the DS220+, DS420+, DS720+, and DS920+. The series delivers enhanced responsiveness and processing power, as well as advanced capabilities such as containers and virtualisation support.

The Plus Series NAS is up to 133 per cent faster in website responsiveness and over 15 per cent quicker in compute tasks. Two m.2 NVMe slots enabled accelerated I/O performance, ideal in multi-user environments (available on DS920+, DS720+, and DS420+).

Synology SSD
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Synology storage solutions offer centralised backups for Microsoft Windows PCs and Servers, VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs, and Microsoft 365 and G Suite accounts using its Active Backup suite.

In addition, you can access your data without boundaries, but only if you allow it. With granular access rights and customisable password and expiration for file sharing, you always have control over your data.

That aside, you can easily synchronise with remote sites for distributed work and also set up data encryption for your sensitive files.

Pricing and availability

All four models are available for purchase from Synology resellers and partners in Malaysia.

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Visit the Synology LazMall Flagship Store for the latest deals.

For more information about the new Synology Plus Series, visit Synology.

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