2020 Photoshop’s new Select Subject feature is ridiculous

Let’s just Adobe Sensei everything
2020 Photoshop Select Subject
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Adobe on Wednesday released a whole host of updates across its Creative Cloud ecosystem including the biggest batch of new features for Photoshop on the desktop and iPad since the Adobe MAX conference in 2019. Adobe Sensei—the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platform—continues to push the boundaries of AI/ML in the world of imaging and creativity.

If you’re a Photoshop “veteran” user like me (I’ve been a user since Photoshop 1.0), you’ll agree that etching/masking out a subject from a scene can be a painstakingly tedious process. It involves using a combination of the Path, Magic Wand/Object Selection, and Lasso tools to create masks and most likely will involve Channels, depending on complexity.

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Mind-blowing, hair-raising

And when it comes down to subjects like hair on a person, you can compound that complexity by tenfold.

But…what if artificial intelligence and machine learning can remove this menial work so that you can focus on creating instead?

Well, that’s where Adobe Sensei’s AI magic comes in. Photoshop’s (desktop) new improved Select Subject feature delivers incredible automatic selection results.

Select Subject comes with a set of additional new algorithms that lets you make one-click selections of portraits. It’s especially potent for selecting people and tricky elements like hair.

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Literally a one-click process

The magic of AI enables two things here: It detects a person in a scene and applies new custom algorithms and Select Subject becomes content aware. As a result, hair and treatment around hair have been vastly improved.

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Hair is indeed tricky and I think Adobe has nailed it.

Above all, Sensei AI is constantly learning and improving, and we should see even better, faster results in the future.

Adobe says we’re just at the dawn of AI in the world of imaging and creativity and I can’t wait to see more mind-blowing stuff in the future.

Check out all the other great new features for Photoshop for desktop and iPad.

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