Sepet : The Malaysian Movie

“Sepet” is a very misleading title for a movie. Why? Because some people may think it’s a Malay movie and avoid it at all costs. Movies like “Gerak Khas: The Movie” does not help, not one bit. This was apparent when I had to explain to my colleagues that it is a Malaysian movie using everyday languages like English, Malay and Chinese. Malaysians being naturally multi-lingual can really relate to the movie, because the dialogue is very real. I think it’s quite brave of Yasmin to actually do this.

After catching “Sepet” last week, I am in awe and without sounding like a Yasmin groupie, am grateful to “Kak Yas” for releasing such a wonderful, funny and tear-jerking tale. The movie isn’t perfect but the acting, especially by the leads, was totally convincing. It was like watching a Disney movie. A movie you can bring your whole family to.

The scene where Jason’s mom consoled him, I cried. This means something, bloody hell. I was moved. Not many movies can make me shed a tear or two. Hell, this is a local movie goddammit! And in between that, I was falling off my chair laughing. I won’t go into the whole sypnosis thing, there are other sites that will do a better job. But I love the dialogue. Very real, thus believable and easy to relate to.

The mention of “MILF” was somewhat amusing and unexpected. Nice touch. Heheh. Censors didn’t catch that did they? 🙂

“Sepet” deserves the accolades and commendations it has received. Good effort. For those who haven’t watched it, what the hell are you waiting for? Nothing this good has come to our shores from our shores in yonks. Be thankful.

By the way, fellow blogger, PROZAK NATION 2005 has stumbled upon an original VCD copy of “Sepet”. Go buy it if you so wish. And keep it in a safe place, because you are bound to pick it up to watch when you feel warm, fuzzy and wanting to be entertained.

For me, I’m waiting for the Director’s Cut DVD version, if ever it’s released. The 8 scenes that got cut? I want to see them!


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