Netflix’s guide to helping you dodge dreaded Raya questions

Hari Raya celebrations will be different this year, no thanks to a certain silent enemy. That said, some things don’t change. Like the makcik bawang questions from relatives, without fail. Whether it’s in person (while practising social distancing, ahem), or via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, are you prepared for your comebacks?

Drawing inspiration from some of your favourite Netflix shows, here are some “graceful” *tsk tsk* and vague (mostly genius) answers you can use against the most bawang of them.

What’s cool is that you can even print these out as digital cards and use them ala “Cards Against Humanity” when you find yourself trapped in a spot.

When auntie weighs in on your physical appearance

When auntie asks you about your future career plans that you haven’t thought about yet

When you’re deciding if you should say goodbye to that baju kurung from eight years ago

That one uncle you see once a year who can never remember what you do for a living

When auntie compares your earning potential to your cousins’

When you’re three hours into your family Zoom call

When you have 60 cousins in the family and not enough cash

When your uncle kepoh your love life (again)

When auntie starts poking around your career progression

When auntie tries to find out if you have a boyfriend (for the sixth time today)

When you have a girlfriend (finally) and now you’re stuck with questions about marriage plans

When you’ve been married for a year and auntie starts asking for a grand niece

When you’re taking a gap year to figure out what you want to do with your life

When you’re looking fly this Raya and don’t know how to handle compliments

When you’re really just not hungry at the moment

Want to print or save these digital cards to your mobile phone? Download the cheat sheet here.

Looking for something to watch during Hari Raya? Check out this watch list:

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