Proton Satria GTi : An unsuccessful 4-pot Turbo, apparently

You never can believe what you read or hear can you? I am baffled, and am wondering who supplies the bulk of information found on Pretty obvious that accuracy and credibility are not their priority list. The ‘Wikipedia’ has this to say about Proton cars:

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The Proton (Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn Bhd) company, Malaysia, produced the following car models.

  • Proton Aeroback
  • Proton Arena (Called Proton Jumbuck in UK and Australia)
  • Proton Gen-2 was the second generation, replacement model for Proton Wira, launched on February 8, 2003.
  • Proton Iswara
  • Proton Juara
  • Proton Perdana, based on the Mitsubishi’s Mitsubishi
    Eterna, was first produced in 1994, intended for higher end market.

    • Proton Perdana V6
  • Proton Putra
  • Proton Saga was one of Malaysia’s first national cars and the first Proton car model. It rolled of the assembly line in Shah Alam in September 1985. The 100,000th Proton Saga was produced in January 1989.
  • Proton Satria
    • Proton Satria GTI was a sports hatchback. This car was poorly sold even in Malaysia, where Proton business started. It was a 4 cyclinder car with a turbo engine.
    • Proton Satria R3 replaced the Satria R3 model.
  • Proton Tiara was a vehicle based on the CitroΓ«n AX, built under licence Proton from 1996 to 2000.
  • Proton Waja (Called Proton Impian in Europe) was introduced to replace the Proton Wira. It was the first car model designed internally by Proton.
  • Proton Wira was introduced in 1993 based on Mitsubishi Lancer/Colt. More than 220,000 units were sold between 1996 and 1998

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I am baffled, and am wondering who supplies the bulk of information found on
That Proton Cars uses material from Wikipedia Proton Cars. The article’s history link shows only three named contributors (paultantk, andylkl, and mikkalai). I guess wikipedia just need more knowledgeable contributor for that particular article.

I’ve posted in that article’s talk page a reference to this blog. πŸ˜‰

regards, sabre23t =^.^=

Thanks Sabre23.

BTW, I don’t think Proton PERT should be in there. It’s not an official Proton model. Besides, it’s really an EVO 7. Just a Proton badge. Let’s not kid ourselves shall we?


Get a FR car. Any Toyota is bulletproof man. πŸ™‚ Yes, the Caldina is nice. Very yummy in fact!

yes, the satria is based on the colt. But Mitsu’s naming convention can be baffling, as in different countries they may be called different names. The Wiki is contributed by individuals like you and me. Accuracy counts, but then again, who is to verify? Exactly why I wouldn’t believe everything I read there.


I agree totally. performance out of the box, need to get an EVO, Scooby, TypeR etc. Car more well put together and fun factor even better. I am also saving for a good car.

My friend just bought a Toyota Caldina from naza. Super cool looking car. And drives well to. Ok let me check my wallet, 5 bucks,… 15 bucks,… 23.40 bucks. Opps! No can do. Naza has to wait…. sigh!



Want performance out of the box? Get an EVO or a Scooby.

MY plan is to get a Scooby in 3 years time. OR a cheap rear-wheel ride like a Levin to play with and hopefully convert to a track car. ;D

GTi = Got Turbo Inside….. haha thats a good one. Cheers. Well put.


Wow, thats some cool stuff. I think this was a deliberate thing to have much of the facts… WRONG. They probably got one thing right which in a sarcastic sort of manner, is hitting back at all the bull crap Proton dishes out in its advertising campaigns. Like Waja is as comfortable as a BMW ( I think they did advertise this when the car made its debut). And the Gen2 setting the standards in braking for its catergory. I like to know know what cars they comparing to?

Oh and the best fib of all time, SGTi can post 0-100kph in 7.5sec or something like that. Really love to know how they obtained that time. Down the road from Genting? hehehe.

anyway Vernon, I am enjoying my OLD ‘new’ car. Well I should. I just removed one silencer where the cat used to be. Heck why have some many blockages I figured. Next I am looking at dumping the rear ekjos for something better but I dun want the noise so I am really looking hard into this one. That ought to finish my mod plans for the car. Won’t do more cause its not really worth it. Rather save up for a car that comes out of the box with all the performance I need.

Talking about kick ass performance, Mu cousin in UK drives a Volvo V40 T4. Great car. In the weekend, he had an ECU guru from Sweden tinker around with the ECU to do a custom mapping. Took the car to 1.5 bar.

On sat they did a dyno and boy oh boy, what a result. 305bhp and 400Nm of torque. Thats some impressive figure. He tells me the car now revs effortlessly to 7000rpm and his is hitting speeds of 270kph.

My mouth dropped when I was reading the figures. I will be going to Uk next month and I will test this car out. Looking forward to that. just wanted to share that with you bro.

I am never going to mess with any volvo T4’s over here. Wolf in sheeps clothing I tell you.!!!

take care.


ps: er where is that turbo unit for my GTi located according to πŸ™‚

“Proton Wira was introduced in 1993 based on Mitsubishi Lancer/Colt. More than 220,000 units were sold between 1996 and 1998
Click below for the link:”

Um, not true. Isnt the Satria based off the Mitsu Colt, which is a different car entirely from the Lancer.

Oh, and the Wiki entry for proton doesnt have all this info. So where’d they source it from?

The Wiki idea is a nice, but information is unverified, and can be misleading as there is no control over accuracy.

I don’t see the point of users having to edit information which is supposed to be accurate in the first place. The convenience that comes with Wiki is dangerous, and can be misleading.

What say you?

Though I support Wikipedia, I found a lot of stuff which were useless and in some cases even wrong. And when that happens, I just edit it. Next time you find anything wrong, just go ahead and do the same.

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