Maxis collaborates with Faizal Tahir, Zee Avi on music video for #KitaSapotKita campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought destructive effects on healthcare systems, the economy, and the livelihood and lives of people around the world. The impact on Malaysians has been no less devastating. In the second phase of the #KitaSapotKita campaign, Maxis has collaborated with 12 local artists including Faizal Tahir and Zee Avi to produce a brand new music video that would become the avenue for the public to actively support fellow Malaysians. The music video will help turn social shares into donations for those in need in these challenging times.

The “Make It Through” music video is about overcoming adversity together as a nation and inspiring optimism for tomorrow.

“Our hope at Maxis is to be able to rally Malaysians to action for a positive cause by simply sharing and listening to the song. We are grateful to the many parties who have been involved in the making of this campaign and video—all our talented artists, XENO Entertainment, Astro, and everyone who inspired us,” said Tai Kam Leong, head of branding and marketing, Maxis.

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The music video will be released on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Joox. The more the video gets played and purchased, the higher the contribution to the cause. Astro TV and Astro Radio, the official media partners, will also be promoting the campaign across all Astro platforms. Maxis and the artists will also be amplifying the music video via their respective channels.

How you can support and pledge to the cause

  1. Listen to “Make It Through” official music video on YouTube. The more times it is it played, the higher the ad revenue generated.
  2. Stream “Make It Through” official song on Spotify, Apple Music and Joox. The more times it is streamed, the higher the earnings.
  3. Purchase “Make It Through” Maxis-exclusive Caller Ringtone through a monthly subscription.

All proceeds will go to Yayasan Kebajikan Negara for COVID-19 related charities.

Take part in “Make it Through – Malaysians”

Malaysians are invited to take part in the “Make it Through – Malaysians” version of the music video. Here’s how:

  1. Create a heart shape on a piece of paper. It can be a simple drawing, or you can be creative with your design and message.
  2. Record a video of yourself passing the ‘heart’ from your right all the way to your left as a gesture of passing hope and love around.
  3. Upload the video on your personal Instagram account with the hashtag #KitaSapotKita. Make sure that your Instagram account is set to public.

Approximately 100 videos from public submissions will be turned into a special music video montage. The submission will be selected on a first come first serve basis. The closing date for submission is 1 May 2020.

Find out more #KitaSapotKita via this link.

Artists: Faizal Tahir, Zee Avi, Ning Baizura, Nabila Razali, As’ad Motawh, Alyssa Dezek, Nanasheme, Syada Amzah, Wafiy, Jestinna Kuan, Reshma, Elyya Keesha, Tilla Hanna, Adm Sang & Jay C.



Dunia ini amanah kita
Anugerah Tuhan untuk semua
Selagi ada kudrat dan nyawa
Sumpah akan ku pertahan

Dunia tanpa rasa kecewa
Harapan kita setiap insan/Harapan untuk setiap manusia
Susah dan senang
Hidup bersama
Biar cara kita berbeza


We’ll carry each other, we’ll make it through the days
Lalui bersama, menjaga semua
Let’s all stick together, and everything will be okay
Esok masih ada, semua pasti lebih baik


oooooo Kita Sapot Kita
oooooo Kita Sapot Kita


A world without sadness
And a world without pain
We can change it together
We’ll see the beauty once again

Hang on a little longer
We’re all in this just the same
You know it will get better
We get stronger everyday



Kita Sapot Kita
Walau berbeza
Rasa dan cara
Kita Sapot Kita
Susah senang hidupkan Bersama

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