Today is pre-order tsunami for the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship smartphones. While Samsung is offering pre-orders through its channels, local telcos and retailers have wasted no time to unveil their bundles.

The 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 retails at MYR3,299 while the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ is priced at MYR3,699.

To be one of the first people in Malaysia to own the Galaxy S8, you can pre-order from now, 11 April until 13 April 2017. Maxis is offering the same pre-order deal as the principal, Samsung – Limited Edition Starter Kit (screen protector, clear case, wireless charging stand and USB Type-C charging cable), a 5,100mAh power bank and Samsung Protection Plus. The bundle is worth more than MYR900.

Galaxy S8 pre-order bundle

If you’re interested to grab a unit from Maxis, the green telco has two options. You can opt for its popular Zerolution device ownership plan that’s bundled with a MaxisONE plan; or a Normal Contract with a MaxisONE Plan.

A new phone every year

As you may know, Zerolution is an all-in-one device ownership plan that bundles a device instalment and MaxisONE plan. You pay one single payment each month. The cool thing is, you can also opt to upgrade every year, for a small monthly fee. The Zerolution Upgrade fee is MYR44/month, while the Device Protection Plan (optional insurance for the S8) costs MYR23/month.

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MaxisONE plans that qualify for Zerolution start from MOP 128, all the way up to MOP 188. Note, that you’ll need to have a good standing with Maxis and have a good payment record to be eligible for Zerolution. With Zerolution, there’s no upfront fee.

Maxis Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre-order Maxis Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre-order

For normal contracts, on the other hand, there’s a device upfront payment, depending on the MaxisONE plan you select. There’s also an upfront payment for the plan, which is reimbursed to you over four months. Maxis customers with good standing can have this waived.

For instance, if you’re buying the Galaxy S8, there’s a device upfront payment of MYR2,399, and a MaxisONE plan upfront payment of MYR512. In total, the payment due is MYR2,911. The MOP 128 plan gives you 30GB of data, unlimited calls and text to all networks. The plan is based on a 24-month contract.

Here’s a breakdown of the plans (both Zerolution and Normal Contract)

Galaxy S8

Normal Contract

  • MaxisONE 128 – MYR2,399
  • MaxisONE 158 – MYR1,999
  • MaxisONE 188 – MYR1,799


  • MaxisONE 128 – MYR128/month
  • MaxisONE 158 – MYR113/month
  • MaxisONE 188 – MYR98/month

Galaxy S8+

Normal Contract

  • MaxisONE 128 – MYR2,699
  • MaxisONE 158 – MYR2,299
  • MaxisONE 188 – MYR2,099


  • MaxisONE 128 – MYR145/month
  • MaxisONE 158 – MYR130/month
  • MaxisONE 188 – MYR115/month
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Note that prices quoted are before 6% GST.

The pre-order promotion runs from 11-13 April 2017. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ will hit retail stores nationwide from 5 May 2017.

Ready to pre-order? Head over to Maxis’ Galaxy S8 pre-order page. For more on MaxisONE, visit

Source: Maxis via Soyacincau

All about the Galaxy S8:

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  • Melody

    Okays , so now is June , any new promotion for Samsung S8 and S8+? of course I prefer those installment plan as the phone price is not cheap..

    • Bobby

      maybe you can try out the latest plan by’s an installment plan and you are lucky because Samsung S8 and S8+ are in their list for choices of phone

      • Mushrom Poon

        guess that s8 and s8+ will be at most of the telco plan, since its still a new phone.
        but i research that, celcom easyphone is a 2 years contract and got device protection insurance…

        • Winson

          yeap , it’s insecure la if we have to bond with the contract then in between we cannot change or else we break the contract , better don’t take installment plan like this

          • SeanHong

            argee with you! 2 years are quite long for me also

          • yingwei

            For me 2 years it pass very fast…
            if you have the budget just direct purchase will much better but for those prefer monthly installment it quite suitable for them since it offer the lower price for latest device.

        • Melody

          oh it is included the device protection ya…hey it sound good so I have an extra insurance for my phones , worth to give a try

      • Melody

        oh it is , i guess this is the plan i am looking for , seems it already fulfilled my needs , thanks ya. I think i am going to take Samsung S8 with this plan

    • Pamper Tiu

      as i know recently only celcom have just launch easyphone services, that is a quite useful service to purchase new phone, suitable for those who do not own a credit card but able to pay with installment

      • yingwei

        woah thats a great things as not many people has credit card . With this easyplan, even students still can buy the latest smartphone.

    • Winson

      i don’t think those installment can help much , many hidden interest then in total is more expensive than the ori price , useless plan lol

    • yingwei

      ya this plan is actually quite useful and affordable for me because for those who dont have ability to purchase at lump sum, they can pay by installment. Its can reduce financial burden.

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