MaxisONE Club members to get 50% more cashback and VIP discounts on over 500 e-commerce sites

Membership has its privileges. Oh wait, where have we heard that before? It’s great to be a Malaysian mobile customer currently isn’t it? We’re getting cheaper plans, much more monthly data and better quality service all round. For Maxis customers specifically, things are about to get even more ‘perky.’ Perks in terms of cashback, VIP discounts and RM1 flash deals, that is.

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Stay connected to your kids with MaxisONE Kid and QQ Watch


As a kid, we want to roam and play freely without a care in the world (that was some time ago, obviously). Unfortunately, life isn’t quite as forgiving or straightforward. Short of having your kids on a leash (it already exists, how horrific), why not harness technology to give freedom to your kids, yet keep them close and safe? Here’s what MaxisONE Kid coupled with the QQ Watch are bringing to the plate.

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