Adobe demonstrates how AI can enhance selfies in the future

Adobe Sensei selfies
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At Adobe MAX 2016, one of the most important and high-profile announcements was Adobe Sensei. The set of intelligent services harnesses machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning capabilities. Some of Adobe Sensei’s awesome intelligent services have already been deployed in Adobe products.

Several days ago, the Adobe Research team released a video that explores what the future of selfies could be, powered by Adobe Sensei.

What if we could use the power of AI and deep learning to transform a bad selfie? Or how about enhancing it with a natural, bokeh-licious background?

With Adobe’s rich expertise in imaging, and coupled with the Adobe Sensei framework, selfies will never be the same again.

Adobe Sensei can use deep learning to search and tag images automatically. You can search the web for images, and use the ‘look’ for your selfie.

With what Adobe calls “Face Aware Editing,” Adobe Sensei can use “landmarks” of your facial features like eyebrows, kips and eyes to understand their position. Retouching is easier, without ruining the entire image. It can automatically apply portrait masking so it can enhance your selfie further with a depth of field effect.

There’s of course much, much more what Adobe Sensei can do.

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It’s only the beginning. For more about Adobe Sensei, visit

You can read about all the cool stuff announced at Adobe MAX 2016 here.

Source: Adobe via News18

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