Digital telco Ookyo is shutting down

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One of the pioneers in the digital telco space is calling it quits after two years in service. Ookyo, powered by Maxis, announced on its website that it will cease services and will become part of the Hotlink family effective 21 January 2020.

Starting 21 November, ookyo will no longer accept new registrations. Ookyo is urging interested customers to instead get a Hotlink Starter Pack or Hotlink Postpaid Flex at the nearest Maxis Store or Hotlink Store.

ookyo shutdown notice
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What’s going to happen to existing ookyo users? Ookyo says they won’t need to do a thing as they will be auto-switched to Hotlink RED on 21 January 2020. Any existing balance on ookyo will be transferred to the Hotlink RED account. Do note that if there’s any Google Play wallet balance, this must be utilised before 20 January 2020 as wallet balance will not be transferred.

In addition to that, customers will enjoy free 8GB of data valid for 30 days with non-Stop Social upon the switch. Also, customers will enjoy the offer for only MYR30 per month (NP: MYR45) for the next 12 months.

Ookyo spearheaded the new concept of a “digital telco” in the industry, although technically Digi’s tapp was first out of the blocks. The premise of a digital telco is simple: everything is done online and via the accompanying mobile app. You can subscribe to the service, manage your account and usage, all via the mobile app.

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A digital telco promises flexibility and ultimate customisability, key unique propositions rival services like tapp and Celcom’s Yoodo evangelise.

For ookyo, customers get unlimited data for their favourite apps at MYR30 per month. Customers can also choose to purchase unlimited passes for individual apps.

Having used ookyo for a while since its introduction, I feel that the service had plenty of potential. While it loses out to a competitor like Yoodo in customisability, it still offered good value in terms of packaging apps with unlimited data. The only real downside of the service is the compulsory use of a VPN to fully enjoy the unlimited experience. This means iOS users cannot reap the full benefits. Competing services like Yoodo and tapp (recently) do not require the use of a VPN.

Perhaps we should have seen it coming. There was always going to be some overlap with Maxis’ own Hotlink service. In fact, when Hotlink offered a postpaid option for the first time, the lines blurred between ookyo and Hotlink even more. Also, there seems to be lack of marketing on the part of ookyo, unlike the aggressive push by the likes of Yoodo.

And now, they’ve finally put the nail in the coffin.

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