Fulamak! ookyo is a new prepaid that gives you unlimited data


There’s a new hip and happening telco product in town, and it’s called ookyo (pronounced “ooh-key-yo”). Made for millennials and the digital generation, ookyo prides itself to be 100% digital and gives you unlimited data as well as other digital perks. And btw, it’s powered by Maxis 4G. 100% digital? What does that mean? And wth does ookyo even mean?


For fun, I googled “ookyo,” you know, like how you’d google “the meaning of life.” I found this:

“Ookyo” means “Life Path No. 9”. It’s considered to be feminine and introverted. Sounds weird yet? Well, its about to get weirder. The number 9 means your ruling planet is Mars. You have exceptional physical abilities and undergo arduous exercises to become stronger.

So, what does this mean and how does this tie in with ookyo as a telco product?

Absolutely nothing.

Right. Moving on.

Who is Ookyo for?

So, it’s obvious from its funky colours and internet-speak that ookyo is a spunky, hipster-ish sub-brand that’s targeted at the Snapchat generation (coz Facebook is too old). It’s catered for those who love Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk and other smart apps.

It’s also for those who love streaming videos and music, and watching cat videos all day.

What are the plans like?

There are two plans, depending on what kind of apps you’re into. The Entertainment Pack which offers unlimited data for Spotify, Smule, Musically, BIGO Live, 9GAG and other offerings whereas the Social Pack covers Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other “social” apps. Do note that this does not cover premium subscriptions, and this needs to be paid separately (e.g. Spotify Premium).

If you’re a heavy WeChat or LINE user, both packs won’t ever leave you running dry. If you don’t use the featured apps however, you’ll still get 3GB data for all your data needs.

Also, you can buy unlimited passes for your favourite app from as low as MYR3 per day.

Calls are charged at MYR0.30 per minute and MYR0.15 is charged for each SMS.

How much $$$?

ookyo costs MYR30 monthly, with an option for auto-renewal and it comes with 30-day validity. Remember to also renew your unlimited passes for your apps too. Payment methods are fully digital so only debit and credit cards are accepted. You can register MaxisPay and link your debit/credit cards.

How to subscribe?

Subscription is available through the online portal only and currently limited to Android devices at this point. Deliveries are available in West Malaysia only but the service is available nationwide, including international roaming. Sabah and Sarawak support is coming soon. And by the way, early birds earn MYR15 Google Play Credit back!

Topping up your ookyo wallet, is just like topping up/reloading a prepaid SIM. You can do it via credit/debit card or via Hotlink top-up cards.

Everything else runs from the ookyo app. Here’s what it does:

  1. To get the unlimited high-speed internet usage 24/7 that your All Access Pack, Unlimited Passes, and PopDeal gives you. Without the app installed and running, any usage will draw down from your 3GB or Internet Pass.
  2. To visit the ookyo store where you can get all our products.
  3. To manage your account, wallets, and passes via HQ.
  4. To get your Invite Member referral code and track your rewards.
  5. Get help from Fuzzy the chat bot.

Rewards, PopDeals and more!

The cool thing about ookyo is the goodies you can earn by keeping the account active, buying from the Google Play Store or referring friends with your unique referral code.

What do you think?

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