Yoodo isn’t a new telco after all, but is possibly the most customisable telco plan

In the previous post, we reveal that there’s a new telco coming to Malaysia. This just in: it isn’t a new telco after all. Instead, it’s a new telco product from the blue team at Celcom Axiata, and it looks pretty ground-breaking.

Thanks to a leak by a SoyaCincau reader, Yoodo’s origins have been traced back to Celcom. What’s interesting is the customisability of the plan, which puts it in the same league as Digi’s tapp.

Yoodo may be another one of those fully-digital hybrid services like ookyo and tapp, though no further details of this has been revealed.

The plan is completely customisable, so you can set how much you want to spend per month, whether it’s for data, calls or SMS. You can check it out here. (link is no longer accessible, as of 20:00).

Yoodo Plan
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The minimum option is 2GB at MYR20 per month. Allocation of data is in blocks of 5GB. 5GB then costs MYR30 per month, while 10GB tops MYR50 per month.

You can go nutty and go all the way to 100GB, but that will set you back MYR182 per month. This will also give you 2,000 minutes of calls and 2,000 SMS.

In terms of calls, they will cost from MYR5 per month for 50 minutes of talktime, while SMS starts from MYR3 per month for 50 SMSes.

It isn’t just about data, voice or text. There are add-ons such as Facebook or Instagram dedicated data for MYR10 per month, and 10GB of YouTube for MYR20 per month.

It looks like you can request for a free SIM, and the service uses the 011 prefix.

The official website isn’t accessible at the moment. Stay tuned for the official reveal on 29 January.

You may want to check out Yoodo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for further teases and info too.

VIA SoyaCincau

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