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Maxis TV: All you need know about Maxis’ new video entertainment service


Maxis on Wednesday launched Maxis TV, a new video entertainment service that offers worry-free passes to stream premium movies and TV shows. No, it’s not going to replace Netflix, iflix, Apple TV+ or Amazon Prime Video, but it will instead work hand-in-hand with these existing video-on-demand (VOD) services, bundled with data.

OK, wait. So, Maxis isn’t launching its own streaming content service? Not exactly. What it’s really offering is a convenient bundle—VOD data passes for you to watch your favourite local and international content.

If you’re familiar with its passes to watch the World Cup and EPL football games; it works in a similar fashion.

Maxis TV is open to all Maxis and Hotlink postpaid customers except MaxisONE Home Fibre—accessible via the MyMaxis, Hotlink RED and Flex apps. Alternatively, you can head over to

Once you’ve subscribed to passes, you’re free to stream on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs.

VOD passes start from MYR3 per day, bundled with data and content choices that cover your favourites—Hollywood, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian and Malay. 

Here are video streaming providers currently supported:

The breakdown of bundled data and prices is as follows:

  • 1-day (3GB) – MYR3 per day
  • 7-day (5GB) – MYR7
  • 30-day (10GB) – MYR15

Note that different streaming providers may offer different passes.

Passes are conveniently charged to your Maxis bill or deducted from your Hotlink credit. The One Time Pass expires automatically after validity but you can also subscribe to a Monthly Recurring Pass. 

You’re allowed to subcribe to multiple passes from different content providers.

You can subscribe and manage your subscriptions via the MyMaxis app or the Maxis website (

Initial thoughts

Maxis TV passes make sense for customers who have limited data, and also those who prefer to only pay-as-you-use for content services, Like watching World Cup matches without having to subscribe to Astro, Maxis TV allows you to watch your favourite content without eating up your monthly data quota, as well as paying for an extortionate subscription that you may use sporadically.

For more info, head over to the Maxis TV page.


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