Photoshop Camera: Adobe puts Photoshop magic into your smartphone

Adobe Photoshop Camera
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At its MAX 2019 annual creativity conference, Adobe launched a slew of new products and updates to its Creative Cloud suite of creative tools. From Photoshop for iPad to Adobe Aero; Illustrator for iPad and Fresco for Windows, there was plenty for creatives to love. Adobe did spring another surprise—Adobe Photoshop Camera. Erm, what?

So, here’s the thing. Advancement in smartphone camera technology and the ubiquity of social media has fundamentally changed how we create and consume stories. The smartphone camera today is an impressive piece of hardware. However, software on the smartphone, Adobe says, has been limited. It’s not about more megapixels (108MP is on the way, guys, ready or not), but how you tell your story. In your own unique way.

Adobe Photoshop Camera
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This is where the new Photoshop Camera comes in. An all-new, AI-powerd mobile camera app that reimagines what’s possible with smartphone photography. It’s literally Photoshop magic at your fingertips, directly to the point of capture.

Like its rich suite of tools within the Creative Cloud ecosystem, Adobe Sensei, its AI platform and framework has played an integral part in powering new experiences across platforms. 

Similarly, Adobe Sensei powers Photoshop Camera, bringing magic like subject recognition and a recommendations engine. With Photoshop Camera, you can capture, edit, and share photos and moments, using real-time Photoshop-grade magic right form the viewfinder. 

Adobe Photoshop Camera
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Thanks to Sensei, the camera can automatically apply sophisticated, unique features a the moment of capture. It will instantly recognise that you’re shooting a portrait, landscape, selfie, food shot). It also understands the technical content, Adobe says, i.e. dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, face regions) of the photo and automatically applies complex adjustments.

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You can choose to capture natural photos and moments, or if you’re inspired to be ultra creative, you have access to a curated feed of lenses made by well-known artists and influencers. The concept of creative lenses isn’t too alien to most—with platforms like Snapchat (Camera), Facebook and Instagram leading the way.

With Photoshop Camera, Adobe has gotten the likes of chart topper Billie Eilish on board—creating cool limited edition lenses inspired by her songs and music videos. 

The app does look interesting. It isn’t officially available yet, but you can sign up for a preview.

Adobe MAX 2019

MAX 2019 features keynotes from some of the world’s most innovative and prolific creatives including musician Billie Eilish; artist Takashi Murakami; director and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl; director and producer M. Night Shyamalan; renowned photographer David LaChapelle; and visual artist Shantell Martin. Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian John Mulaney hosts this year’s MAX Sneaks—a preview of technology innovation from Adobe Research. The creativity conference runs from 4-6 November in Los Angeles, California.

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