Here’s a shocker: Limited edition G-SHOCK X Doraemon GA-110 is a fake

Casio G-SHOCK X Doraemon
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G-SHOCK and Doraemon fans take note. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the supposed limited edition G-SHOCK X Doraemon GA-110 collaboration watch being sold online in the Southeast Asian region is an unauthorised custom job. Casio Computer Co. Ltd in Japan has revealed that it was not involved in the design and production of the limited edition model.

Casio has warned that warranty on counterfeit and/or customised G-SHOCK watch will be void due to modification, as it compromises the integrity of the impact-resistance and water-resistance structure of the watch.

Casio G-SHOCK X Doraemon
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The Japanese watch brand giant further warned that sale of counterfeit goods is a criminal offence and it will work closely with local authorities to take action against product counterfeiters and merchants.

A Thailand-based vendor has posted several fake collaboration models for sale, on their Facebook page.

In Taiwan, the limited edition watch has been seen online going for NT$8,500 (US$268). A quick search on an Indonesian online shopping site has the watch selling for Rp1.300.000 (US$96). In the Philippines, you can grab one online for around PHP4,300-5,000 (USD94-109).

Casio G-SHOCK X Doraemon
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Don’t do it.

Casio Singapore cautions consumers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia against buying Casio products from unauthorised retailers both offline and online. Rakuten Singapore is Casio’s only authorised online merchant in Singapore.

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So whether you’re a Casio fan or Doraemon one alike, be sure to buy a genuine product to avoid complications later.

Image credit: Superadrianme, Bukalapak

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