The relationship between you and your favourite devices

Taking care of our beloved devices is a no brainer, right? You buy them, unbox them, read the manual (OK, not everyone does), plug them in and voila!—it’s ready to go. On the surface, that’s seemingly all there is, but…have you ever wondered about what happens deep inside the wires of our plugs and how it jives with our devices? Like our day-to-day interactions with our friends and colleagues, there can be factors beyond our control that may impact our relationships for better or for worse. 

Similarly, your devices and power supply share a similar relationship. Worse still, things that you cannot see and control may result in the premature demise of your beloved PC or gaming console. How so, you ask?

Did you know that your power supply is constantly at risk? Issues can spur from something as naturally-occurring as bad weather such as thunderstorms; from unstable power supplies; and overloaded shared circuits in your neighbourhood or apartment, just to name a few.

Ultimately, it can lead to an unnecessary increase of decrease in voltage, resulting in potential damage of your electrical equipment.

In sum, electrical disturbances such as surges and spikes can cause:

  • Damage to your electronics, potentially beyond repair
  • Premature wear of electrical components
  • Decrease in your devices’ lifespan
  • Blockages and malfunctions
  • Disconnections

All that said, some solutions can mitigate risk and eliminate these worries. You can use Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) by Schneider Electric. The AVR is a device designed to regulate voltage automatically—taking a fluctuating voltage level and turning it into a constant voltage level. Without an AVR, voltage can sag, spike or surge, resulting in potential damage of your electrical devices.

Many factors contribute to the need for automatic voltage regulation. However, one of the main reasons is financial—to avoid costs associated with equipment damage or replacement and downtime caused by poor voltage levels. Let’s not forget the risk of losing valuable data.

APC Line-R LS Series by Schneider Electric

If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a device that can provide safe and stable power for your electronic equipment. Check out the APC Line-R LS Series by Schneider Electric. Its key features include:

  • Three grounded outlets that provide reliable AVR protection
  • Extended input voltage that allows for up to 240V
  • Power switch with built-in circuit breaker that allows for easy reset
  • Built-in surge protection that protects your devices from damaging surges and spikes

Buy, install, forget

Look at it this way. For something slightly over MYR100, you’ll be protecting electronic equipment worth thousands. Personally, I have my PC, external hard drive, modem/router and printer connected to two separate units of the APC Line-R 1500VA AVR. It’s a small investment that provides peace of mind. There’s nothing complicated to install—simply buy, plug in, and forget.

Interested? You can get the APC Line-R LS Series by Schneider Electric from Lazada and Shopee. Check them out here: Lazada –; Shopee –

This post is brought to you exclusively by Schneider Electric.

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