Power off but still game on?

Tell me if this resonates with you. You’re about to score that goal; you’re in the thick of World War II action; you’re two turns away from the chequered flag…and then, boom. Your internet connection goes bust. Or worse still you have a power outage. I feel you too, gamers.

We tend to take our power supply and internet connection for granted. A device like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) isn’t usually on top of anyone’s shopping list when they’re building their next gaming rig.

As a matter of fact, most of us are probably not even familiar with the term UPS until it’s too late. A UPS is especially crucial during the rainy season as the risk of sudden power loss is higher and may cause irreversible damage to your gaming PC.

For the uninitiated, a UPS is a battery strapped to surge protectors and is charged via your wall out. It automatically switches to battery power in case of a sudden power loss. To put it simply, it supplies power to your computer and other devices long enough for you to finish your winning move in your game and/or shut down your devices properly.

With a UPS, your devices are not only protected but also ensures you are connected and can continue playing your game.

Tempted to get one yet? Read on to find out more about Schneider Electric’s wide-ranging Back-UPS solutions.

MSI AMD Ryzen 3300X Rig
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APC Back UPS Pro BR 650VA

Check out the APC Back UPS Pro BR 650VA. Its key features include:

  • Battery backup and surge protector outlets that can keep your devices running when the power is outside of safe levels
  • Sinewave power output which can ensure power quality without distortion or power drop during an outage.
  • Two USB charging ports that will charge your mobile devices quickly
  • AVR with boost and trim which will instantly correct low or high voltage fluctuations and is Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) compatible

Thinking of recruiting a new ally for your team today? Don’t miss out on their superpowers! Check out the amazing deals on the APC by Schneider Electric stores on Lazada and Shopee this coming 10.10. Up to RM100 rebate vouchers awaits!

This post is brought to you exclusively by Schneider Electric

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