[Updated] ROFL with iflix’s first Malaysian original series – Oi! Jaga Mulut

iflix original Oi! Jaga Mulut

In a few short years, iflix has become a leading subscription based video on demand service for emerging markets. Aside from expanding its reach into new markets, it’s no surprise that it has ambition to produce local content of its own. And thus, the journey begins with its first ever original production – the no holds barred, uncensored comedy series Oi! Jaga Mulut.

[UPDATE] iflix has just announced this: “Due to the overwhelming response, iflix will release the entire season of Oi! Jaga Mulut this Monday (31st July) at 12am.”

Stand-up comedy is a relatively new thing to Malaysians, and not everyone gets to go to local comedy clubs.

So, here’s the good news. Iflix is bringing the edgiest, funniest comedy club to you. You can now watch and laugh alone, or with friends and family, at home or on the go.

Oi! Jaga Mulut is absolutely hilarious, as Malaysian as it can get, and as edgy and unpolitically-correct as you can (or can’t) imagine. Trust me on this, you’ll be ROFL-ing the entire way.

iflix original Oi! Jaga Mulut

It stars an incredibly talented crop of both local and international comedians including Joanne Kam, Papi Zak, Rayza Mukmin and Jon Atherton, to name a few. The series is hosted by comedic icon, Haniff Hamzah.

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The comedians take the stage with a series of stand-up routines and spontaneous improvised games.

In essence, it’s a bold, fresh new generation of Malaysian comedy. And you’ll love it.

[UPDATE] Oi! Jaga Mulut is a seven-part series, where new episodes are released weekly every Monday. As mentioned, due to overwhelming demand, iflix will release all episodes on 31 July, at 12AM. Enjoy!

iflix original Oi! Jaga Mulut

Iflix has also commissioned the comedy series in both Philippines and Indonesia – Huy! Bibig Mo (Philippines) and Oi! Jaga Lambe (Indonesia). They’re hosted by Ramon Bautista and Ananda Omesh, respectively.

The leading streaming platform currently has more than 5 million subscribers regionally, and has streamed over 5 billion minutes of content since launch. The service is now available to over one billion consumers across 18 territories throughout Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Catch the series exclusively on iflix. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, iflix offers a complimentary one-month trial with full access to its content library. Head over to www.iflix.com.


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