We’re currently living in a technologically advanced age where we can download full-length movies in mere minutes and even binge watch an entire series all night long; without worrying about buffering (most times). But sometimes, not often, we are challenged when connectivity is not on our side – yikes! You know, like the time your smartphone just stalls or somehow you have excruciatingly slow speeds at certain locations when you’re at a
cliffhanger moment in that video!

The limited connectivity issue is a indeed a big deal because the error is so freaking hard to understand; and also because you can easily waste an entire day trying to fix it too. What’s even more annoying is that sometimes you’ll see this error even though you have five bars of signal strength still indicated on your device.

Here are probably a few scenarios that we can all relate to – which one’s your most hated?

#1 – When your phone suddenly has no line

So, you’re walking around and you suddenly decided to you use your phone to reply to a message to your hottie, or just to check some stuff online, and bam! – it dawns on you that there isn’t any line on your phone. You look up to the sky and you just go… whyyyyyyyy me? I’m outside aren’t I? Why am I not connected!


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#2 – 5 full bars and counting but nothing loads on your device!

Your phone shows that you are connected to Internet data but somehow, nothing ever loads. Nothing. Ditto. Nothing. You click www.Google.com and it’s just a blank page with the loading bar not even moving. All you can think about that the moment is …. Mr. Phone…

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#3 – No signal? NO SIGNAL?!

Notice how each and every single time you start planning to use waze, that’s is the time the GPS somehow doesn’t seem to work la, there’s no signal la. You go through tunnel, same story la, no signal too. You go through an industrial area, no signal. Worst nightmare ever, you go back to the grandparents house and there’s no signal… or even WiFi. Sob. Sob.


#4 – Balik Kampung

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Every time someone says ‘balik kampung’, you start imagining all the mouthwatering food that your “Opah” will be cooking for you, the fresh kampung air that brings back memories and then… boom!; you remember that the internet connection back at your kampung is a nightmare (from the Jurassic period). Oh my, bet you must be scratching you head thinking how are you supposed to upload all those important food photos to make your friends jealous, kan?! Life, as you know it, ceases to exist when without internet connectivity …….


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#5 – Indoor = No life

Let’s just face it – we were born to roam free!
Every single time we go indoors, doesn’t matter if it’s the office, our home or an outing to the biggest mall in town, we tend to lose connectivity and watch as the links to our social life goes down the hole. Macam episode Twilightzone one! I mean, how are we supposed to call our mom if we lose her at the grocery store?! *Panic attack intensifies*

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#6 – Last but not least – turn off, turn on

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Whenever your network shows limited access;try the simple stuff first like rebooting or reconnecting. Don’t sweat the small stuff though; especially if everything still doesn’t give you connectivity.

Why? Because we have it on first-hand knowledge that a little network called webe is
expanding its footprint across the whole of Malaysia so you can expect better connectivity.
What’s even better is the fact that webe members get to enjoy fast 4G connectivity by just turning on their LTE settings with a swipe of their finger, or with use of a band 5 smartphone.

That’s right, that means endless streaming of YouTube or watching Netflix while on a road-trip or throwing the biggest house party in the middle of your kampung (psst – do invite us though if you are having a party, we love pizza. #justsaying).

Oh, did we mention that going 4G has endless possibilities of forever staying connected too!

For more information on how to experience the best in 4G, or find out about band 5
smartphones, just visit www.webe.com.my.

#webe #ConfirmBest #zeroDR

*This post is contributed by webe.

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