Google Maps is Back on iOS and it is Better than Ever

Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS

The best map app is back on iOS. As much fun it is to laugh at the inception like images and inaccurate directions of the iOS maps, the joke has gotten old and we need our reliable map back once again.

And what a comeback it is. Google Maps on iOS not only returned, but it is better than ever. So what should we expect from Google Maps?

An Extra Necessary Step

Once you have downloaded the Google Maps app, you will be prompted with a new step before you will be able to move further. You would have to sign in with your Google Account before you can proceed.

But before getting pissed at this minor extra step, you should know that there is a reason for it. By logging into your account, you will get access to your history of searches, your integrations, plus, you can save your favorite places.

Google Maps for iOS

What else is new?

There is a new interface that is simple to use and navigate. The search field can be found at the top while the map is of course, in the center. There’s a tab layer on the right that allows you to choose the layer you need. This will let you navigate what view you want from traffic, public transit, and satellite view.

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There is also a link to Google Earth App (free from the Apps store) for those who want 3D views and as an option for those who will miss the flyover feature of the Apple Maps. If you do not want to go to another app, there is also a kind of similar mode in standard view. But who needs the flyover view anyway? Streetview is so much more useful because it gives users a pedestrian-perspective that is very practical.

What will really tickle your fancy, however, is the turn-by-turn navigation with voice feature of the app. And it is so simple to use: Just click the Start Arrow and you will be see the 3D render of the route going to your desired location. Once you start driving (or walking, more on that below) the app will give you audio directions whenever you need to make a turn.

Though Apple’s Maps has a similar feature, which is actually very good, Google is still the king of search and that goes for Maps as well. You get more accurate directions, and more map data compared to the Apple Maps. You get business hours and even phone numbers if you need to make reservations. You can even see reviews from Zagat for restaurants. Plus, you can shift through the results, without having to go back to the map; quite simple but pretty convenient.

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Last, it gives city iPhone users who are not always driving their sorely missed integrated transit and walking directions that Apple Maps inexplicably did not include in their application.


Definitely a must have. Whether you are using your iPhone as a business phone or as a personal phone, you should download this nifty Maps app, which is free by the way. You never know when you will need to use it, but if you do, you want the most accurate and easy-to-use app in your phone.

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