The Best and Most Stylish Headphones Under $200

Marshall. Image credit: Techcrunch
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Marshall. Image credit: Techcrunch
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Marshall. Image credit: Techcrunch

Our devices have come a long way from simple phones and computers to smartphones and tablets. Naturally, the accessories for our beloved devices had to evolve as well to keep up. And what accessory is more important to us than our beloved headphones?

Now, we get headphones that are not only for listening to music or making phone calls, we get headphones that are fashion accessories as well. Quality of sound is no longer the only factor. We want something that looks good as well.

To help you find that stylish headphone for your device, here are some of the top listening buds out in the market:

Street by 50 Cent. Image credit:
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Street by 50 Cent. Image credit:

Street by 50 Cent

This gorgeous headphones co-designed with 50 Cent is not only pretty in the eyes, but very fun to use as well.  These are the first foldable headphones in SMS Audio collection. It features a detachable cord for easy transport plus a memory foam ear pads that makes it comfortable on the ears and also provides passive noise cancellation. It also has a built-in mic that allows you to answer your phone for regular and VoIP service calls while listening to music. It has a 40mm coil driver with audio signatures that ensures high quality sounds no matter the genre.

House of Marley: Rise Up. Image credit: House of Marley
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House of Marley: Rise Up. Image credit: House of Marley

House of Marley: Rise Up

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This Marley and Jamaica inspired headphone is eco-friendly as they used recycled materials as much as possible in building this headphone. But more than being a friend of the environment, you also get superior audio quality for tunes and calls as it features warm bass with solid mids and highs. It has a 50mm moving coil drivers and an Aviation-style noise isolating design.  It also has a tangle free cord with a three button controller.

Marshall Major
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Marshall Major. Image credit:

Marshall: The Major

Most headphones claim superior comfort, but none comes close to the Marshall.  You can just listen to tunes all day while your ears are snuggled with super soft cushions. The vintage leather look also gives it a simple yet classy look. The headphones are also bendable for easy storage and transport. Last, the Marshall name has been in the business for a long time, and the audio quality of The Major lives up to the brand’s years of experience.

I-Mego Throne
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I-Mego Throne. Image credit: Amazon

I-MEGO: Throne

The Throne headphone comes in two models. If you prefer tunes that have big bass like rock and R&B, then Throne Gold is for you. If you want clearer vocals and acoustics, the purple Throne Poison is the better choice. Both, however, are excellent headphones with pimpin’ designs featuring its signature I-MEGO stitching on real leather. It is pretty comfortable too with its memory foam for your ears.  It’s got deep bass with clear sounds. It has an integrated one-button mic that lets you take calls and control your tunes as well.

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If you want to look stylish while listening to great music, but not spend too much on your headphones, these ear covers are just what you need.

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