e-Tunai Rakyat: You need to verify your e-wallet accounts NOW

Step-by-step guide to verify your Touch ‘n Go eWallet, GrabPay, and Boost e-wallets
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The government’s e-Tunai Rakyat programme will officially start tomorrow, 15 January and run until 14 March 2020. Tabled as part of Budget 2020, the key objective of this programme is to spur the growth of e-wallets and the digital economy in the country. Three leading e-wallets—Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Grab and Boost have been selected to participate and facilitate the initiative.

What’s the benefit of e-Tunai Rakyat? Eligible Malaysians will receive a one-off MYR30 credit in their e-wallet of choice. E-wallet providers may offer additional incentives to users of their platform. The government has allocated MYR450 million for the programme.

Who qualifies? To qualify for the programme, you’ll need to be a Malaysian aged 18 and above and earning less than MYR100,000 annually. You will need to register for an account with any of the selected e-wallet providers if you haven’t done so. The eligibility is validated by Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) and Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN).

What can I use the credit for? The MYR30 e-wallet credit can be used for various means, including to pay for purchases at physical merchant and online stores, pay for e-hailing rides, parking, toll, goods delivery, food delivery, pay for prepaid top-ups, and more. The credit can’t be transferred to another person or be withdrawn as cash.

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How long does it take to receive the MYR30 incentive? It may take up to five days from the time of application to receive your MYR30 in your e-wallet, depending on your provider. Ensure that you make a claim by 8 March 2020.

Is there a time limit to spend the credit? You’ll need to spend the MYR30 incentive by 14 March 2020, otherwise, the credit will expire.

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way. Here’s how to claim the incentive.

Touch ‘n Go eWallet

To verify

  1. Verify your account (eKYC) by clicking “Verify Account Now”
  2. Take a snapshot of your NRIC (front and back)
  3. Take a selfie and click on “Let’s Go”
  4. Your account will be verified within 48 hours
  5. After verification, the MYR30 will be credited into your e-wallet account

This will complete the verification process. Verifying the account will also give you protection against fraud with Touch ‘n Go’s Money Back Guarantee (MBG) policy, the only e-wallet in the country to offer this feature.

For more information, visit https://www.tngdigital.com.my/etunairakyat


To verify/upgrade your e-wallet

  1. Make sure your GrabPay wallet is activated
  2. Take a photo of your MyKad/NRIC
  3. Submit photo
  4. Upon submission, a screen will appear confirming that your wallet is upgraded

To claim

  1. Open your GrabPay Wallet
  2. Tap on “Claim It Now”
  3. Confirm your eligibility and agree to the terms and conditions, then click “Continue”
  4. Verify your identity
  5. Submit a selfie
  6. You’ll receive a push notification to notify you of the credited amount after your documents are verified.
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For more information, visit https://www.grab.com/my/campaign/etunai-rakyat/


To verify/upgrade your e-wallet

  1. Upgrade to Premium Wallet by completing eKYC process
  2. Go to “Profile” screen, click on “Upgrade to Premium wallet for free”
  3. Click “Upgrade Now”
  4. Verify NRIC details
  5. Take photos of front and back of NRIC
  6. Snap a selfie
  7. Upon successful verification, you will be asked to provide your bank details

Upon upgrade and verification, you’ll enjoy MYR5 after your next spend of MYR10 using the app.

For more information, visit https://www.myboost.com.my/etunairakyat/

It’s time to go cashless!

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