Digi offers free COVID-19 insurance coverage to customers

For the first 200,000 customers
Digi Covid Cover
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Digi has announced that it is offering free COVID-19 insurance coverage to the first 200,000 customers as part of its efforts to help customers keep connected as well as protected via an affordable digital insurance plan.

The Covid Cover plan offers comprehensive short-term coverage to customers who may require hospitalisation and treatment during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Underwritten by Gibraltar BSN, Covid Cover is a fully digital-enabled insurance plan available to Malaysians between 18 to 60 years of age.

To sign up, it’s a simple and quick process via the MyDigi app without having to undergo any form of medical examinations.

The first 200,000 customers

For the first 200,000 customers, the plan provides 30-day coverage from the day the plan is approved. The customer will be informed via SMS or email when the plan is close to its expiration date. Subsequently, the customer can choose to re-subscribe to the plan at an affordable fee via MyDigi.

The coverage includes a hospital cash benefit of MYR60 per day for hospitalisation due to COVID-19 and a death benefit of MYR20,000. This offer is valid until 30 April 2020 or until all the 200,000 free plans have been fully redeemed.

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Beyond 200,000

For those who may have missed the offer can still subscribe to Covid Cover at an affordable rate, starting from as low as MYR5 and up to MYR20 for 30 days. All plans offer full coverage including hospital cash benefits, death and total permanent disability (TPD) benefits, including additional benefits in the event a patient suffers from dengue or Zika.

Monthly payments can be paid via phone bill for postpaid customers or deducted from their prepaid credit for prepaid customers.

Monthly PremiumMYR5MYR10MYR20
Death Benefit10,00020,00040,000
Total Permanent Disability (TPD)10,00020,00040,000
Additional Accidental Death Benefit10,00020,00040,000
Additional Accidental TPD Benefit10,00020,00040,000
Additional Death Benefit for Death due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Severe Dengue or Zika Virus Infection10,00020,00040,000
Hospital Cash Benefit for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Dengue Fever or Zika Virus Infection30/day60/day120/day

Open to non-Digi customers, too

The Covid Cover plan is also open to non-Digi customers via www.easyadd.my. Payments can be made via debit and credit card.

For more information on Covid Cover insurance plans, visit https://digi.my/covidcoverweb.

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