Apple’s New iMac. Who says you can’t perfect perfection?

New iMac 2007
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I had the opinion that the previous iMac Intel form-factor was the perfect example of beauty and practicality. Perfect almost. (except for the dreaded Mighty Mouse). So how do you, or can you top that? How do you perfect perfection? Well, what do you know? The hardworking Apple Design Team has done it again. Not ones to be satisfied (ever! and ‘Amen’ to that), they’ve taken perfection to yet another level (Win PC manufacturers eat this!).

Welcome the new iMac. All sexy in aluminium. With an ultra-thin profile and an even thinner ‘chiclet’ keyboard ala MacBook. Powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors of up to 2.4Ghz (BTO option up to 2.8Ghz), the new iMacs convincingly supersedes the previous offering with style, power and bigger storage. Also, the beautiful 20″ and 24″ displays. Yum.

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Never a better time to grab an iMac I think, although those who don’t mind the slightly older model, may be looking at some really good deals!

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  • crash

    Me too. I believe there are new iPods on the way too. Likely to be thin with widescreen display too!

  • Zer0_SVZ

    Thin is in!. I like!..

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