Copywriting Swipe File? Interesting!

Copywriting Swipe File
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A swipe file you say? (notice if you remove the space between ‘A’ and ‘swipe. It becomes rather rude. Heh.) Currently one of my favourite blogs –, explains:

A swipe file is simply a file or box where you collect winning copywriting examples: headlines that catch your attention, e-mail promos that stand out from the rest, intro paragraphs that pull, catchy phrases or slogans and even graphics, photos or complete website designs that enhance the content (copy).

Much like a scrapbook where you stuff clippings, items of interest, doodles and etc. recommends your swipe file to be 100% physical meaning newspaper cuttings, magazine clippings, postcards, etc.

A swipe file is a fantastic way to be inspired and generate ideas. Also, it puts you in ‘writing mode’ and that frame of mind to write and write! Off I go to cut magazines! 😀

Read more at the awesome blog.

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