Amazing Self-made Transformers Bumble Bee Figurine

IA - Lazada

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This is an epitome of insanity, resourcefulness and hardcore attention to detail. The incredible thing about this is that it is made from paper and recycled materials. It took one AO paperboard, besides five all sets of KFC meals, two boxes of egg pie and four bottles of Tai-zi milk. The amazing project took almost a month.

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I have to say his sketching skills are top notch. And of course, his dedication and overall obssession with Transformers helped make the project a success.

Catch more pictures and full details of this project here.

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  • Zer0_SVZ

    Holy shit!. It’s even movable!. Salutes

  • eric

    wow that was friggin off the hook wei. haha.. but if you look at his other posts.. his sketches are very very impressive as well!

    translation a bit dodgy though.. hahaha. 😀

  • crash

    Well, as Steve Jobs once said, “Sometimes in craziness lies genius” and this is the perfect example of “you got to be crazy to be cool”!

    So when are we gonna start building Optimus with recycled magazines? 😛

  • qwertyjuan

    amazing amazing stuff! pure patience and determination!

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