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[App Review] Zinio: The Perfect Digital Magazine Partner


We live in a generation of interconnectivity and information overload. Juggling tasks, getting organised, being entertained and keeping informed proves far more challenging than it seems. However, the advent of mobile devices and tablets like the Apple iPad help make life a little easier and fun.

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It is undeniable that the Apple iPad is a perfect addition to the iPhone and Mac. We know that the iPad is multi-talented, but one key area in which it excels in is – subscribing/reading your favourite magazines–in digital form. As ebooks in pdf hit popularity, e-magazines came out in the market as well. Having an iPad as a magazine reader helps take the weight of having a physical copy off your hands.

Getting magazines on your iPad is so simple. All you have to do is have a Zinio app installed and voila! You instantly get access to the most popular magazines around from all over the world. The application, called the ZINIO UNITY™, is not just for iPads but covers almost all other digital reading devices available from smartphones, Androids, iPhones, desktops, laptops and Macs.

The application gives easy access to free articles posted by well-known magazine brands from around the globe. You get introduced to the magazines of your genre that you’ve never heard before while you get to read and scan free articles to those you’ve known and subscribed to before in paper form. That’s not all! It is a fact that magazine photos are attractive (as they are meant to be) and Zinio just makes it richer by making photos interactive via video content, product ads, etc.

Purchasing magazines has also never been easier, and Zinio stands out in the crowd for that. Its interface provides an easy-purchase option that allows for full/partial/single subscription in a few taps/clicks—never forcing you to pay full price for an annual subscription.

Zinio for Apple iPad is not just beneficial for the young and savvy. Its interface works for the elderly and visually impaired well. With the option to zoom in and out to your preferred size, Zinio allows adjustment of resolution and double/single page-view options.


Overwhelmed with your collection of reading materials and compilations? Zinio also provides a sync option to keep all your readers (PC, iPhone, Mac) up-to-date. Plus, its latest and newly-released version allows for the revival of old magazines from years back—even from 2004! Giving the collector feel that physical magazine copies give you on your gadgets.

In summary, having the Zinio app and switching to digital format from physical magazine is undeniably a win-win option because (drum roll please), you not only save big time, it is convenient, easy and more engaging! Zinio keep you up-to-date even in your busy schedule. It allows for interactive viewing and browsing, smart zoom, instant jump to your page of choice via the hyperlinked table of contents and easy sharing to friends and family via email.

Download Zinio for free here.



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