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At MAX 2019, its annual  creativity conference, Adobe unleashed a barrage of new products and updates to its Creative Cloud ecosystem, amongst other things. None could be more exciting than the much-anticipated Photoshop for iPad or Adobe Aero; but I could be wrong. The company also previewed Adobe Illustrator for iPad, bringing yet another desktop bigwig to touchscreens.

Just as Photoshop for iPad was a year ago, Illustrator for iPad is an early release, and expectedly, doesn’t offer the full features of its desktop counterpart.

That said, this is Illustrator completely reimagined to take advantage of the unique capabilities of a tablet i.e., the iPad, in terms of touch an Apple Pencil. This means an interface that’s intuitive, space-saving and contextual, so that it’s easier and more natural to navigate and use with fingers and the Apple Pencil.

Adobe says it connected with thousands of designers to understand how they would use a tablet in their creative process.

Adobe Illustrator for iPad
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The core functionality and workflow of Illustrator is certainly there. Thanks to the power of the iPad (especially the iPad Pro), easily work with Illustrator with top notch performance and responsel; no loss of detail and precision that you’d expect from Adobe’s famous digital tool. 

With Creative Cloud, you’ll get seamless connection across devices; whatever you create on your iPad or desktop is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Illustrator for iPad leverages on the mobile and tablet platform. That means you get to benefit from the tablet’s built-in camera and Apple Pencil. For example, you can take a picture of a hand-drawn sketch and have Illustrator help you digitise it into a pliable vector file. 

Currently, I do something similar with Adobe Capture—take a snap of a hand-drawn sketch or doodle, and immediately vectorise it for use with Illustrator on the desktop. With Illustrator for iPad, this workflow gets even more intuitive.

It is still early days, but Adobe says it’s working with the Illustrator community around the world to make it even better. Adobe Illustrator on iPad is set to debut in 2020.

It’s currently running an exclusive private beta. Sign up and get early access.

Adobe MAX 2019

MAX 2019 features keynotes from some of the world’s most innovative and prolific creatives including musician Billie Eilish; artist Takashi Murakami; director and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl; director and producer M. Night Shyamalan; renowned photographer David LaChapelle; and visual artist Shantell Martin. Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian John Mulaney hosts this year’s MAX Sneaks—a preview of technology innovation from Adobe Research. The creativity conference runs from 4-6 November in Los Angeles, California.

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