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Former Lecturer. Gamer. Idea Generator. Tournament Organizer. Loves Kairosoft games. Lived in a box twice in Recettear. Never turns down a Catan challenge. Cheats in Monopoly. Broke Skyrim. Sucks at Dance Central. Plays a fem Shep. Heavy bow-gunner in MH3p. Completed Persona 2 Portable 4 times. Well, he's just too damn free.

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[Review] Sony Xperia Z

Sony’s new flagship superphone, the Sony Xperia Z was launched a while back and we at were given the opportunity to put a unit through some tests. If you haven’t read through our First Impressions post, you may want to, as we’ll be focusing on a number of issues that we brought up during our […]...More

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Malaysia’s First Barcraft by Stashden!

What do you get when you mix a bar and Starcraft? You get Barcraft! Organised by local e-Sports enthusiasts Stashden, powered by BenQ and with some goodies from i-Rocks, the first ever Barcraft was held in The [email protected] Victoria, Kuala Lumpur....More

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[Launch] HTC One

Petaling Jaya, 25 April 2013 – HTC Malaysia launched the all new HTC One smartphone in the Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall today, to an excited crowd of media members and friends. Coupled with a free flow of drinks and food, members of the media were treated to a showcase of the sexy, sleek and all […]...More

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[Review] Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 HD

Released the same day as the movie screening, Iron Man 3 HD hits the Apple Store as Gameloft’s newest title. The genre of this game would be fairly similar to what “Temple Run” is with a slice of “Fruit Ninja” mixed into it. Here’s our quick review of Gameloft’s newest freemium title, Iron Man 3 […]...More

975 0 Reveals Plans for Asia Pacific

Wargaming’s support for eSports and its current title, World of Tanks continues with the recent announcement of their regional tournament, Tanks Asia Open Season. The Season based tournament which will consist of online tournaments coupled with national qualifiers in each participating country. These tournaments will eventually lead up to the Global League....More

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Plasterdolls Loves Intel-powered Ultrabooks too

The ever famous and fashionable Plasterdolls have been seen with a new range of accesories lately, namely the latest Ultrabook inspired by Intel. These virtual fashionistas of Plasterdoll-land, while usually spotted modelling the latest fashions and couture, have recently found love for gadgets. This new fondness for gadgets begins with the Plasterdolls’ brainchild Jessica Wong, creator of the fast […]...More

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[Preview] Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 4

Fans of the Dungeon Hunter series can now rejoice as Dungeon Hunter 4 returns to its roots, with its Diablo-esque gameplay, simplified combat and beautiful graphics. It retains features from all three of its predecessors, while featuring refined artwork, graphics and voice acting. Gameloft was gracious enough to give us a sneak peak and here’s […]...More

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