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Released the same day as the movie screening, Iron Man 3 HD hits the Apple Store as Gameloft’s newest title. The genre of this game would be fairly similar to what “Temple Run” is with a slice of “Fruit Ninja” mixed into it. Here’s our quick review of Gameloft’s newest freemium title, Iron Man 3 HD!


As previously mentioned, this game could be summed up as a mix between Temple Run and Fruit Ninja, particularly since you’d fly around in one of many versions of Tony Stark’s Iron Man dodging obstacles including trucks, planes, missiles while combating enemies and bosses using various weaponry depending on the suit you’re wearing. Controls are pretty straight forward and simple, like any mobile game should be. Swipes and taps control most what you’d be doing in Iron Man 3 HD, with the option of using the gyro for movement instead of swiping the screen. 

Much like Temple Run, players will get the opportunity to use collected points for upgrades, while also given the opportunity to unlock new suits ones as they progress through the game. The game has splendid graphics as well, however, the game might get to you after a while, since you’d be seeing the same landscapes, obstacles and enemies fairly often.


The main difference between this game and Temple Run is the fact that your suit will need to go through repairs after every mission and since this is an endless runner, it’s inevitable. You either wait for the repairs, or pay in freemium credits (credits purchased via real life cash, or earned through level ups)

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Also, consider this game more of a flyby for Stark and his suits than an actual combat situation. Most of what you do in game is fly, dodge obstacles in the air or ground and face bosses from time to time. Enemies will attack you as well, however, combat is usually short and you’d be back to flying in a few seconds.

After every successful mission (or more accurately, failure), players will get to use points they collected from their missions to purchase upgrade for their suits. Each suit variant has its pros, cons and varies is hit points and strength. There are a few things that appear in the game, Stark Credits which you can use to upgrade your suits and power ups, which includes a shield, score multipliers and experience multipliers.

Another part of the game is experience points, which gain you levels. The longer you survive each mission, the more experience points you get, which can be used to unlock new suits. Each level you gain gives you a freemium credit reward, which you can use to speed up repairs, upgrades, unlock suits or buy Stark Credits.


There are three things you need to know about this game.

1. It’s an endless runner (or flyer – since you never actually “run”)

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2. It’s super hero based (it’s Iron Man, DUH)

3. It’s freemium which means there will be an in app store

If you can’t stand either of these, you’d steer clear of this game. As an Iron Man fan, you’d probably be thrilled at the fact that most of his suits are available, however, like many movie to game conversions, they tend to lack tremendous amounts of depth – Iron Man 3 HD is no exception. You’d probably need to watch the movie to understand anything in this game as many of the obstacles you face are unexplained.

“Why is Stark flying on a highway full of trucks and why are there so many aircraft pilots attempting to crash into him?” You’d probably find the answer to both in the movie… or not. Either way, if you’re a huge fan of dodging obstacles and destroying enemies Fruit Ninja style, Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 would be a thing for you. However, if it isn’t, you’d probably enjoy watching the movie over and over again a lot more than playing this game.

Tested on: Apple iPad Mini

Version: iOS

ASUS ZenBook 13 14
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