Malaysia’s First Barcraft by Stashden!

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What do you get when you mix a bar and Starcraft? You get Barcraft! Organised by local e-Sports enthusiasts Stashden, powered by BenQ and with some goodies from i-Rocks, the first ever Barcraft was held in The Kitchen@Club Victoria, Kuala Lumpur.

The Barcraft event was held in conjunction with the WCS Season 1 Korea finals, shown live via in Club Victoria. Prior to the WCS telecast, Malaysian Starcraft 2 veterans, JohnRambo and Cobo took the stage for an exhibition match, with Cobo winning the match. Other Starcraft 2 veterans such as Renson, FatHuntress and Rizen were also present to show their support for the event with the latter having a go against the organiser in a Starcraft 2 best-of-3 match, after the telecast.

The WCS finals saw Korean heavyweights Woongjin_Soulkey (Zerg) and STX_INnoVation (Terran) battle it out in an exciting and epic match up.

STX_INnoVation with an early rush (or, to some… a cheese) and extreme levels of unit micro, built up momentum through-out the first three rounds, giving him an early lead of 3-0. Woongjin_Soulkey made several mistakes, particularly during scouting and combat, which made his battles almost completely one-sided, to the advantage of STX_INnoVation. Despite STX_INnoVation‘s better micro skills however, he began losing his advantage when the game entered the macro stages – losing out on tech and unit count. Woongjin_Soulkey made an epic comeback, derailing  STX_INnoVation‘s momentum with his better macro game play, earning him a hard fought and well earned 4-3 victory.

Check out the match at this video link.

For more information on future Barcraft events or the organizers of the event, check out  Stashden.

More information on WCS.

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